Sunset Overdrive Discussion Thread


I just got this game for free with XBox Gold, and I’ve gotta say, I love it. It’s super fun to play, the characters are funny, the gameplay is badass, and it’s just like, really awesome. The ability to grind on a rail through the sky, shooting soda mutants with a flaming gun that looks like a dick with rock music playing in the background definitely appeals to me. I love the atmosphere as well. Has anyone else had the liberty of trying this game?


I’ve had it since release. A ton of fun. I love the multiplayer mode too.


Yeah, it is a pretty fun game. I liked all the character customizing you could do.


I’ve had it since release and it’s a ton of fun. My biggest complaint is that the end game multiplayer pretty much everyone runs the same things because it’s so much more powerful than anything else.


Seeing this thread as my brother is playing it in the background


How far is he? I’m looking to beat the game tonight. Just killed King Scab.


Update, at 1:02 AM, PST, Rapterror beat Sunset Overdrive. That game was so fucking awesome.

Now it’s time to sleep.


Oh I love you Rapterror, that comment made my day. :joy:


Yes! Bought an Xbone for this and some other games. Loved every minute of it. My character, the clothes, the guns, the humor, the art style and vibrant colors and most of all, the traversal. Seriously good and unique game.


Right after the mission where you protect the VATS


There are I believe four-five of those.


Well then :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be the first one. He didn’t beat it cause it was too hectic


Hell yes.
Loved this game. Even went to the lengths of getting the pro pain launcher in multiplayer.

I bought the xbox one for this and it comes with an all white version. Totally worth it.

Yes, I agree that the multiplayer has the problem that everyone uses the same loadout, the satellite dropping gun and the mod which gives a chance of spawning the nuke.

This game is sick, I wish there were more games like that.

I would love the new ratchet and clank game to come to xbox, unfortunately it won’t.
And I don’t really believe there will be a Sunset 2…

But buy the addon “Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines”


because you owe it to yourself :sunny:


I’m really hoping for a Sunset 2. They definitely left room for a sequel.

Also, could I just say that Fizzie is definitely one of my favorite bad guys of all time?


I hope that too. I’m buying anything remotely related to this game…

Fizzie is great, I actually was working at the time when I was playing this for a soft drink producer which is not CocaCola but the other big one and Fizzie reminded me very much of actual people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But i think the game might not have sold all that well?
Lots of people thought it was too strange

I loved the e3 trailer,

in which a “military shooter person” is stuck in his "cover mechanics"
it was quite funny and was direly needed to hold up a mirror to the dire state the industry is in


I loved this game, but i was never able to find a single multiplayer match and the lack of a new game+ made it imbossible to enjoy after a while. Farming for the last few weapons became so tedious that I never even bought the laser weapon from the dlc


Yes, more games need NG+. Replaying with all your upgrades and stuff is so much more fun than starting from scratch.


I liked it I got it free with gold as well but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I beat in a few hours with I’d say like 50% of the collectables and don’t really have the drive to play it ever again lol


I ended at the DLSea monster when it came out. it wasn’t even that hard.


Game is really good have had it for awhile, but I don’t think it is funny. Most of the time when characters speak I roll my eyes, but still a great game!