Sunny's Tier 2 Jetpack challenge


What exactly counts as boosting jetpacks “in combat”?? I’ve been boosting hunters who were fighting in dome for hours now and have yet to get even a second counted towards that yet?


Have they used the boost? I think it means they have to double tap in a direction with the boost active for it to work, but I too have had difficulty with it.

One match I got only 2, another I got 18, and another I got 10 and I was pretty sure I was using it nearly as often in all the matches.


Ahhhh…so then if they just double tap once that’d be one second maybe? Butyeah I’ve watched them jet away and still I get nothing.

Edit: nvm I disconnected from server then restarted now I have 7 seconds towards it…was 0 before, weird. Thanks though.