Sunny's Sunshine and Mushroom Clouds Challenge! (Sunny Union Jack Skin) [We did it! :D]


#The Briefing

This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday November 13, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, November 16 the community needs to deal 45,000,000 Mini-Nuke damage to Monsters, with Sunny.

If you hit this goal as a community, everyone who plays between those days and times, earns the Sunny Union Jack skin, absolutely free.

#Things To Remember

1) You don’t have to play as Sunny, you just need to have her in the game, so encourage your Hunter friends to play as Sunny this weekend, to earn wins towards the challenge goal.

2) Reach the goal, get the skin.

3) Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday November 19.

#Track The Challenge

You can track our progress at this link right here!

Evolve's blog down?


It’s all about reserving original poster rights lol


To be honest, he’s right. :joy:


Well, I’m not playing monster this weekend.

I happen to like my new screen, I don’t want to have to buy another one.

As a wriath main, this means I will not be hving much fun.



All the monsters will we is sunny.
Sunny the character, and a sunny sky when they die


Lol, more people playing Sunny, GG.
I’m out.


Question, what skin is that?


The union jack skin


@Rapterran I edited the title to avoid confusion as to what the skin was :smile:



But it’s CALLED the Sunny Union Jack Skin ;-;

And OMG one of my threads was pinned I am honored and humbled.


It’s just called the Union Jack skin.

It just happens to belong to sunny.

I think.

one of us is 100% wrong (probably me)



Uhhhhhhhh, Nov 1? So we need to wait an entire year? The hype is on!


I gave up on playing monster after val got hit by a nerf feather and sunny only had her damage reduced.


Man I dont have sunny so I just gotta root from the side lines


And may I have a link to the challenge progress please

#18 this is the site that we use to track it

and the challenge hasn’t started yet it’ll start in about 6 hours.


!st thank you 2nd I know i just would like to have a quick way of seeing the progress.


Take out the v2 in your URL :stuck_out_tongue:

The API isn’t up yet, but I’m working on getting the challenge to show up now anyways.