Sunny's Shield is the most ridiculous ability I've ever seen


I get how to fool the AI. I get that a pro hank is better. I get all of switching between targets. But when some character can just plant an auto shield drone doing 100% of the work for her while she just boosts players out of your reach or directly on top of you as a monster, I’m putting Monster down. You can’t always switch targets when you NEED to down the trapper to get out or the medic when they’re at low HP. And the almighty shied drone that takes an entire leap smash to destroy with no cooldown other than a few seconds of setup time makes me puke. I’ve been hovering between #35-50 as goliath and I’m disgusted at the person who invented such a ridiculous character. Why not let her super drone shoot bullets and damage amp as well to give her even more utility than every other support? After all I barely see anyone else.


Exaggerate much?


I think the Jetpack Booster is worse, to be honest. Much, much worse.

And by worse I mean more powerful.

It irks me that Sunny can spam mini-Hanks and match Cabot’s DPS at the same time.

Shield Drone is a mere annoyance, but I think the recharge rate needs to go down slightly.


I think that the fact that I can regularly get them to low health despite the drone is fine. But as soon as you want to kill someone? I’ve sent perfectly aimed level 3 leap smashes at medics who I only casually swiped only for them to survive with the drone auto AI. Most hanks get confused by a Goliath in their midst jumping from one person to another then suddenly taking down their medic. Not super AI drone.

What did Hank have to do? Switch from cutter to orbital to shield. What does Sunny do? Just plant shield and spam boost and nukes. No juggling. No waiting for downtime between weapons.


The most ridiculous part is that it neuters Rock Throw. As in, cuts the damage in half. If you get hit by a rock you deserve to lose a lot of health. :confused:


They’re nerfing shield drone’s health next micropatch. I’m hoping for 50% plus an actual cooldown plus an eventual range reduction plus closing its bugs and exploits. High hopes, I know, but playing Monster has been dreadful these last two weeks and I’d just like to see Sunny deleted so we can have actual supports again.

Sunny is supposed to be chosen for her mobility increase, not for that AND shield AND dps.


Nerfing its health? You aren’t meant to destroy it though because Sunny will just toss out another. No real point.


Ideally every character is supposed to have counterplay. Sunny currently doesn’t, but making Shield Drone killable by collateral damage, low level abilities, or something like 2 melee attacks would be a great start. I agree it also needs an actual cooldown.

Shield Drone currently has more health than a Mammoth Bird, and we all know Mammoth Bird is OP and totally not the 5th monster.


Kinda just need to use brute force for Sunny.


Well you can counter her it’s a real pain in the arse tho depending on the group make up and the monster you’re playing.

It definitely has too much health that’s why I believe they are lowering it.


Her counter is seperation … Much like val and caira… The drone can’t shield what it can’t see and it takes a good while to deploy and charge before it begins its job… While I can appreciate that the game isn’t one hundred percent balanced… Its harsh that everyone gets so salty when a chara tee is GOOD at their job… Sunny is meant to keep the hunters alive the longest so I doubt jetpack booster eats any major Nerf and neither does it deserve one…

Each character should be unique and not always subject to the neutering we did to wraith

The shield drone is a little tough now but she has clear weaknesses… Just ask behemoth


She’s meant to keep characters alive the longest? As opposed to what? Characters who kill their team faster?

Her counter is separation? Like every other hunter except harder?

She’s TOO good at it. That’s what balance is for. If you want super characters why don’t we make sure all hunters have a 90% win rate? Then they’ll be REAL good.


Maybe his autocorrect is bad. Mine consistently humiliates me. :flushed:


Naw I’m just black… That’s how I get when I’m angry


Bleh forget it;


You kill sunny first? Same exact thing as hank dudes, she cant boost herself, the drone will protect her until you beat her around a corner, sunny is easy to kill, its just a new mechanic introduced to the game, and easily countered, dont rage just kill the right person first


Hit the thing. It dies pretty quick. Most abilities one shot it.


Sunny’s shield drone is having health nerfed anyway, no?


No. Not much at all.

She’s destroyed the entire spirit of at least 80% of the monster population. The only ones left are those who are so dedicated to the monster that they play nothing else.

This weekend should give you an indication of how insanely unbalanced she is. A Bucket Challenge, and support players STILL won’t give that nappy headed bitch a break even for the sake of getting free shit. That not give you Any indication of how omnipotent this character is?

You can put a drone on one mountain, hop to another. If the monster attacks it, you can put a New one back up and get it charged before the monster can get off the mountain and target a hunter.

Her booster? Not the slightest bit of aim required. As long as the characters within about 6" of your pointer, instant negation of the monsters BIGGEST asset in the game. Isolation.

I love the game. Top 100 crow (~150 global). I want the game to succeed. I’ve even opted to try being monster more often for that purpose (increasing monster population). after a handful of games against her, I’m done. I have no interest in wasting my time trying to learn the ins and outs of a monster when I’ll spent 8 out of 10 matches going against a character that only SOME of the top elite monsters can even compete with.

I, others like me who wanted to learn monster, and New players which this game desperately needs, we will set back and laugh at you dedicated hunters and tell ourselves “they killed themselves”.

And that’s how monsters will have the final win. When we laugh at you having nothing left to hunt down but a busted fucking AI because you’d rather think your sunny wins have something to do with your imagined skill as a hunter, rather than her ducked up design.


The best counter to Sunny’s drone? Leave. Even in a dome, there is plenty of space to fight outside of the shield’s radius. There isn’t a reason that the monster should fight close to one unless it’s gotten to the power relay stage (at which point a single 3 tier ability can crush it). If the hunters don’t want to chase down a monster outside of their little safe zone, then the monster can just eat and gain armor to prepare for when the hunters nut up. Just keep moving.