Sunny's Shield Drone Needs a Nickname (NaN)


Continuing the discussion from Tier Four Hunters Revealed:

Sunny’s shield drone is called Drone 11.

Why don’t we give it a nickname? Anyone have any suggestions?

I was thinking Shank because it’s similar to Hank, but I don’t like Shank after seeing how the drone actually looks.
The drone is small, cute, and has spider-like legs…
Something easy to say in voice chat. Something that sounds good.

Maybe Fender? Short for D-Fender and similar to Bender from Futurama?

What do you think we should name it?

Poll: New Alias for Sunny's Shield Drone


Put a little cupcake sticker on it.


Name him Fidget


Bob. Marty. Andy. @Shin? Steve! Timmy. Douglas. Jparty!Justin?


Jparty, totally.

@MacMan Help us name it Jparty, we miss the guy. He needs a permanent legacy. ^.^


Must be named JParty.


I call it, the “onii-chan”.


Sunny does look Asian…





Maybe Shiny? Sunny and Shiny…


Tsuki, obviously when she is japanese.


Who (or what) is (or was) JParty? :confused:


This post makes me sad, I miss Jparty :sob:

Jparty used to co-host the Evolve stream with DB Sinclair. It got to become kind of a joke because DB would say his name a whole lot during a stream. Jparty left the 2k team either right before or a little after the game released. I think he might have gotten let go but I don’t remember if anything was ever confirmed. There was a thread called “Jparty we will always miss you.”

You can check out a video of Jparty with the Evolve – JParty Trailer


Only the greatest commentator who ever lived. He used to shoutcast the streams with DB. Go watch them, it’s beautiful.


Sunny D



So should we flat out call it JParty? Or mix it up a little bit so that it sounds more like the name of a shield drone while maintaining a cameo-effect?

  • Jeopardy?
  • JP?

:laughing: Shield juice…




Hank Junior.
Bank, or Hucket.


They do have “names”.

[quote]Go get 'em Drone 11, I believe in you.

  • Sunny


Must have missed that… :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

It could still have a nickname…

Does Slim’s Healing Drone have a name too?