Sunny's Shield Drone Counters


OK I realize she might be a little over powered… But why does everyone act like the characters don’t have obvious weaknesses and strentgths… Sunny may be bugged (and that needs fixing) but she is far from unstoppable

  1. Stop fighting next to the drone: this tactic alone drastically affects Sunny’s ability to protect the team… You have to stop letting the hunters engage on their own terms… The hunters are required to kill you to win… While you have two options… And retreat is a viable tactic, regardless of what these forums say

  2. Spread out the team: this also has to do with remaining mobile in and outside of domes… The more you mov,e the more likely there is to be a mistake made where the hunters separate and you can get a chance to get a quick pounce kill in

  3. Separate the team: pounce = free hits as long as you don’t get shot… So if someone on the team is separated and your not pouncing… Your messing up buddy… Also sunny cannot boost or protect anything she can’t see

  4. Don’t let the drone deploy: if someone is dumb enough to deploy it right in front of you or its close enough then break the damn thing instead of crying about it

  5. Focus Sunny: all she can do for her self is boost/shield so really the sooner she goes down the easier time you will have… And that shiny purple beam leaves you no excuse to not find her really


I support the idea of this thread because people seem to forget their common sense when it comes to Sunny. But I’m gonna suggest a couple changes and add a couple counters.

  1. Change this to “break LoS” I think this is what you’re trying to say. Might be more clear.

2&3. These sound like they could go into 1 as well…

  1. Good idea. I often throw down a temporary drone until I can get into a good spot.

New stuff:

  1. powering through the shield. People do this with Hank all the time. Works just as well on Sunny.

  2. Destroy the drone. While not the best counter atm it still works.

  3. AoE damage or bouncing between 2 targets. This makes the drone literally useless as it just kinda freaks outs.