Sunny's Mininuke Sights


When using Sunny’s mininuke it will not let me look down sights or zoom in the camera. It will steady the gun while walking and slow down my movement, but will not zoom at all. I am assuming this is a bug?


No it is not if you could aim down the sights that would be really bad and really unfair due to the massive amount of damage you can do so it makes the weapon even more risk reward because you need to dead on so in a way it is for balancing,


Doesn’t zoom at all? Hmm.


just like slims spore launcher it doesn’t zoom, i don’t think you need it on a grenade launcher


It is a grenade launcher so you don’t really need sights on it.


Oh yeah, thats why every Grenade launcher comes with a rail to attach optics and aim assists…weird stuff. Someone tell those weapon manufacturers that its a waste of money…


I’m talking about in game. Real life doesn’t apply here.


ingame no gun needs iron sights…


I would buy an iron sight dlc…


The grenade launcher isn’t expected to be used at a long range. Hence why it doesn’t have a sight.

Majority of the guns that are generally used at longer range have a sight.


And that’s bad? That usually means the gun has no recoil while moving, like Hank’s awesome laser. Quake it up man.


Orbital is supposed to be used on more than 40 meter but does not have a zoom function, except you fire it. then it goes into this weird zoom mode where you sometimes slip on some weird branch right in front of you.

If i am not mistaken flamethrower and ligthning gun have iron sights too? I do not play Assault that often, so i am relying on memory here.

I do not see any correlation between range and iron sights.


Knowing this game it would probably be 10 dollars for the Iron Sight DLC itself. Then an extra 5 each time you wanted to change the color of the red dot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I still love you, TRS.


Neither of those weapons have sights.

Orbital barrage you have to target where it is going to fire so you have to zoom cause you can’t freefire it. Its a pair of binoculars so your using zoom by default.

The guns that don’t have sights generally don’t ever need to be aimed to be effective for what they are meant for while the ones like Markovs assault rifle and Parnells rocket launcher do.


While it doesnt “zoom” it does actually change position slightly.


I don’t need sights on it. It’s very accurate. Think of throwing a grenade, just by the drop, and you can long range hit monsters.


Made me laugh on that one… I just got done making a joke about TRS. :laughing:

<They’re getting so much crap right now. Hope they know I don’t mean it when I tease them. :stuck_out_tongue:


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