Sunny's Jetpack Booster


Recently as the monster with a Sunny on the enemies side. I’ve noticed a few cheatsy doodle spots that are almost impossible to reach unless you have that one maxed skill…Here’s an example. In the Rendering Plant Sunny boosted the Trapper onto the crane that holds the captured Goliath… And I couldn’t hit him or climb to him… I didn’t have rock throw so that wasn’t an option either. He didn’t move from this spot so when I killed mostly everyone he would be up there shooting me without armor… And when I did catch I had 7 seconds left to even try to catch the assault who is all the way across the map… I don’t think this is a bug or maybe I’m wrong. Im not sure where to put this… But anyways have you guys ever run into this senario? Not the one I stated, but how people are using Sunny’s jetpack booster to get to places you can reach?


Many of these places can be reach by a standard jetpack alone, but they are still abusing the game, or the maps, rather.
Moved it to Bugs for you, buddy. :smile:


Thank you. :smiley:


It sound like it’s not supposed to happen, I have not encountered this. But if it becomes a problem they could just lower the lover the sky boarder so hunters can’t reach up there.


Screenshot those locations with Hunters ontop and file it as a bug report. It will be manually adjusted in time I guess.


Kraken would be handicapped by that.


in before sunny nerf :smirk: