Sunny's jetpack booster is stupid


I refuse to use the jetpack booster on my team until Sunny can fly unlimited right beside the person she’s boosting. I’m sick of being behind my team because I helped them shoot off to the stratosphere while I was left to walk like a peasant. It’s complete bullshit! I was born to fly and if I can’t do it, neither will you.


I love this post.

You’re so stuffed. So indignant. The words you used are marvelous. I’m not being sarcastic, I am genuinely smiling. Happy smiling.

That said, generally I pick jetpack recharge and just triple burst after whoever I jetpacked. If that doesn’t suit you, only use it in dome to help escapes maybe?


Only use it on a Trapper trying to dome or a team mate trying to escape. Or an Assault chasing the Monster.

Otherwise, save it.


Boost the players BEHIND you so they catch up not boost the ones ahead of you even farther.


April Fool’s…

I really wanted to be that person for just 1 second lol


You got me. My tip still stands because I do not see enough Sunny players doing this.


I sensed it. That’s why my happydar went off.


You clearly do not know how to use the jetpack booster. Yeah let’s make Sunny better than she already is by boosting HER at the same time too. /facepalm


My exact thoughts, brutha. Sunny’s jetpack booster helps set up the trapper to dome the monster & gets your teammates out of hairy situations. Try learning how to be a better teammate with her before you start complaining about one of her most useful skills, OP.


I love her booster. Conserve your jetpack, and you should keep up pretty well. I was keeping up with my trappers pretty easily.

If you want to get better at using jetpack, definitely use Sunny.

Save the jetpack for tops of cliffs, gain more distance. Avoid climbing, and try to run on ground more, while boosting down hills.


This thread is now the cybersquidarmy’s thread prepare to drown!



So get jetpack recharge.


It was a j-o-k-e lol


Since April Fool’s is over, should I close this before people start annoying you? ^.^


Just change the name like with the other one


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I have no idea what you mean, but okay…