Sunny's Jetpack Boost Notification


So for whatever reason, while playing pub games I’ve had probably 1/3 people I’ve boosted simply not notice they’re being boosted. Generally this isn’t a huge problem, but while in combat it can definitely mean the difference between life and death.

I was thinking it might be nice for a notification to pop up in addition to the little yellow glow on the jetpack meter. My two ideas are as follows:

A. Sunny’s voice pops onto the screen saying ‘Jetpack Boosted!’. Now some Sunny’s might want to annoy players by doing it constantly, so I think a 5-10 second window should have to be passed before she says it again to the same player.

B. Make the “vrooh vroooh” sound of a jetpack being overcharged, the same sound that Sunny’s gun currently makes, go through the boosted player’s audio a bit louder.

Like I said, this isn’t a priority by any means but I do think it’d be a good small addition to help people notice better when communication is lacking in the game.


Maybe they did not wanted to waste your fuel, for a better use later ?

Sometime Sunny boost me but for no reason, or in a dangerous way (beeing alone with the monster), so I do not use it now, but somes seconds later I will.

When we get boosted, I can’t understand how people could miss it actualy, a huge yellow bar on your jetpack fuel, I’m like this when Sunny want to boost me :


Assault neglected it almost the entire match on my last one and instead died.

I’m not sure if people are missing it or if they just don’t know what it is that’s happening… but I figured they were simply missing it in the heat of battle because let’s face it, there’s a giant monster in your face while I’m trying to boost you XD.


I didn’t actually see the jetpack yellowing bar until a few rounds in…but I always noticed the purple haze (akin to Vals healing green) around the corners of the screen and went by that. It seemed pretty obvious to me but I can see where some folks may not notice that offhand while in battle. With time I really think they’ll come around.


I don’t understand how you can miss it. I agree with all of these for those that do, but I don’t get it.

It’s so big. Come one. How can you not notice it?! :stuck_out_tongue: