Sunny's infinite jetpack boost :D


Lots of people gonna hate, but this needs to be said lol.
If you are being boosted by sunny’s jetpack gun, as long as you do not BOOST jetpack, you can stay in the air forever.

… just saying … have fun!


WAIT… REALLY? forever? :star2:


yea, been using this March. Some people leaked it yesterday though and now everyone is abusing it. Good good.


That’s just super. Just what evolve needs right now. :disappointed_relieved:


So you can put a shield drone on top of another shield drone and now you can do this? Sunny you’re so corrupted! :angry:


To be fair, up in the sky like that you are very slow. I’ll just smack you out or toss something up there. Either you boost and forsake infinite flight or you die.


Sorry SledgePainter but I am just the messenger, I understand that this has probably been known about for a while now, but I don’t code it. It is already becoming common knowledge.

When I found out, I started to ask questions to players playing the game, seems a lot of them know but wanted to keep it secret.

When so many know, why keep it secret? So it wont be abused? lol.

Truth is I payed a LOT of money for this game that I love.


The imbalances & bugs with T4 has lead me to believe that TRS really, really needs to do a beta weekend a couple weeks ahead of time for future tiers.


The exploit been circling around quite a bit, in the Sunny players.


Takes more than the Sunny player to know about it though imo.

First thing most players do when they see they have jetpack boost, is to boost … boost … boost … which is the main reason this has not become as common knowledge as it could have been.

Cat is well and truely out of the bag now though.


First time I did it to a friend, they boosted into the sky for fun. That’s how I found out about it.


Agreed. It would cut down on things like this a lot.


Enjoy your HAX today! Because tomorrow it will be micro patcherinoed!


Theres a sunny exploit?? What did I miss


I know of two. I PM’d one to Slab/Macman. They will fix that one. This is the infinite sky jetpack.


They can only micropatch values such as damage/health etc.

Fixing exploits like this will probably require recoding, which in turn will require a full patch, QA and all that jazz.


you can use sunny for dodging the arena easily…


Well there must be a value to adjust the energy consumption when boosted, so it also drains the yellow bar as much as when you would fly normally. IF not, they are indeed in a world of hurt. But i am pretty sure such exploits, if made public, usually get top priority as it turns the whole game upside down.

Lucky for them forums users are only roughly 10% of the playerbase :]


No, I’m pretty sure the whole point of the micropatch system is that it allows them to get out lots of small patches quickly instead of having to wait to do one big one. Pretty sure they can change whatever they want


Afraid not, one of the devs said that any code changes would have to go through the long Q&A process. Not sure if I can find the post, but its here somewhere.