Sunnys Drone should not be able to be raised as high as it can be currently

Im not sure if this was intended behaviour, but at the moment players can ‘stack’ a new drone on top of the existing one, allowing it to reach ludicrous heights. This takes away the vulnerability of the drone, making it hard to get with goliath and kraken and damn near impossible with behemoth and probably wraith.

You either spend too long trying to take it down, have to deal with sheilds all the time or move, but sometimes you cant draw them outside of their sheild zone. It makes attacking a defended position too ridiculously hard, such as when you go stage 3 and have to go for the relay.

In a defensive situation this allows her to be shielding and attacking/boosting all the time no matter what. Its super not cool and no fun to play against.


known bug


Hard as kraken!?


I haven’t seen this but I will take your word and try it next time I play.

More difficult. Its not a huge issue with kraken but the other monsters struggle even more to take the drone down while its high up.


you sure?


It’s nearly impossible to kill the drone once it’s placed up too high. People who try to justify this exploit show their lack of skill and judgment. Be fair here.

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what?? 1 rockthrow and its gone…
then i wonder how long a sunny needs to stack it that high. i mean she must use, then jetpack to the top of the tower and use again. not quite sure if that is a good tactic.

it might come in handy on relay fight, but then again… most of the time i ignore that thing anyway.

I’m fairly good with my rock throw, thank you. However that is not supposed to be there. It was not designed to be floating in mid-air and it’s even more troublesome that way than it already is. I mean… Instant cooldown, barely any charge up, infinite shielding and no need to manually do anything. Sure. For the sake of balance, lets allow it to be placed in a way that will hinder monster players even more.

I sure hope you like to play against the monster AI, because that is exactly where this is leading to.

For those who don’t know what’s going on here… This is what we’re talking about:
And it’s not even the highest I’ve seen this thing go (keep its huge range in mind here)

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No, i like playing as a Monster and have yet to encounter this.

I for one can second this. The drone stacking is a known bug but it is very hard to counter as a monster. With the Kraken it is easy to destroy (1 maybe 2 Vortexes) Wraith is fairly simply if you know how to fly (1 warp blast is all it takes). However, Goliath and Behemoth get put through hell trying to take down just one of these things up high enough.

try kraken. All your problems go away :blush:

ok i admit, i do this alot against behemoths and goliaths :grin: caught red handed

It is extremely annoying as behemoth to face shit like that, i even caught someone who put it on the goliath cage on one map and i could not kill it, it almost won them the game because of how cheap that shit was.

So you have yet to encounter it, and yet you know exactly how to counter it… This sounds like one of those kinds of plans that sound really solid on paper, but don’t actually work when you put them to the test. Without having faced this kind of annoyance, it’s impossible to get an impression of how bad it is.

This has nothing to do with player skill or trying to outwit someone. This is about blatantly abusing a bug introduced by a company that doesn’t beta test its products before releasing them to the public. One might say that this isn’t their problem, but you’ll eventually encounter it and find out just how gamebreaking it can be.

i dont even care for shield drone when its placed on the ground, why would i care if it is placed high up? I don´t get the logic behind it… but whatever dude.

Its a know glitch and the devs said it would have to be fixed in the next major update.

Whats more disturbing is that i had three games now where i could not see sunnys shieldrone at all. Normaly you get a bright yellow symbol and healthbar. These games there was only a beam.
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