Sunny's Drone Health Should Be Reduced

She has SB like hank that makes them even ish

He has orbital once maybe twice a dome move him a little bit give him a little bit of breathing room but it won’t eat an ability and won’t stop any abilities other than decoy or maybe supernova and I’ve never had a problem with it as a wraith player.

She has shield drone every 7 seconds it can eat an ability whether you destroy it as soon as it’s up or wait for it to start shielding you have to destroy it if it’s position isn’t terrible.

Huge cooldown on that double shield. It’s 30? seconds or something like that.

Since it affects him just as well as the medic no need to focus him just down the medic he isn’t focus bait like Sunny or Hank.

and you can generally get to the point where he is forced to use it within 10-16 seconds or 2-3 ability cycles if you start with all your abilities off CD.


I am hoping TRS does buff OG Kraken soon. He’s my second main.

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Drones also don’t threaten you with gobs of damage.

If you’re coming at it from a wraiths perspective it’ll make more sense. Sunny is an amazingly hard counter to wraith right now. Wraith has bugger all for utility to use “well” against deplorables. One of the (many) things she lacks right now.

For nearly any other monster however - not as bad.

That she does. But then it has a 10 second deploy and charge time. One flame breath and it’s gone - which you can still use to also deal damage to her. Or one death spiral. Or one…

And if you intentionally save these utilities to use AS she’s placing the drone - more often than not you will get the drone and sunny at the same time.

That cool down has gone a long way to dialing her back.

That still sounds like it’s about half a minute of focusing to down someone - all while taking plenty of damage from his own kit.

Orbital also deals max 750 damage if you don’t massively fuck up.[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:23, topic:102610”]
For nearly any other monster however - not as bad.

Still bad that they have to use an ability every 7ish seconds to destroy that drone.

It has a 7 second charge time but it doesn’t take 3 seconds to start charging it’s like 1.5-2 at most.

only goliath has FB and Gorgon has AS one of her 2 reliable abilities.

and unless they’re noobs and sit right on top of it you’ve just wasted death spiral on a deployable

unless they’re smart and toss it on top of a pillar or ledge when they jump up and don’t actually go on the pillar/ledge/building.

and then their medic is down and their support goes down shortly after because no healing and then you leave while losing 1 health bar?


Ah… another "I cant win against ‘insert some character name here’, TRS pls nerf him/her!"
and the worst thing is TRS nerf him/her in order to babysit this kind of player but you never educate them how to fight against.

my advise to fight against Sunny are…

  1. Try destroy Shield Drone and deals damage to Sunny at the same time
  2. If you play M.Goliath and shield drone is ready to shield hunter but you are too far to destroy it, try use flame breath to everyone and shield drone gonna try to shield every hunter but doesnt block any damage.
  3. Kelder is good against Sunny too.
  4. If you are playing Goliath, when Sunny is deploying her annoying drone, try use Charge to destroy drone and deals damage to Sunny at the same time
  5. Choose place to fight hunters wisely, Sunny is require good dome to make her tools effective.
  6. Sunny need to set up first, so try ambush hunter when dome is cooldown, Sunny gonna has a really hard time to help her teammate

How am I supposed to do that when the same second she deploys it she goes to another place?
Must likely the players you fought that chose Sunny were noobs.


Nah nah nah…
Why you dont try to predict where she gonna run to place her next drone. You are playing the monster that control by human, dont just use only instinct to fight hunters like wild animal.

I admit that Sunny was a broken character in Evolve legacy. But right now she’s balanced already, I never had problem with her after she got nerf on her shield drone cooldown.

Lets face it. No matter how bad you nerf the drone monsters won’t be happy until it’s as fragile as Kala’s teleporters.

I think it should only take 2 light melees, one heavy melees, or one traversal attack to destroy. IIRC Kala’s teleporters took one light melee to destroy back in Legacy. I didn’t like that.

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So, sunny’s drone already breaks easily, can’t shield until full, has a reload time, has to be placed decently, and can’t recharge until it’s fully drained, but it still needs more nerfs?

@EvilJoshy they also just raised the teleporters to 150 hp from 70 (which i think is about equal to sunny’s drone currently)

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Let’s nerf the Shield Drone again for like the 10th time.

because kala makes sure that you deal damage, not making it faster

It’s way overpowered


I had to go to work when I heard that so I haven’t had time to test it. I’m so glad she got some actual buffs for once :slight_smile:

I think it was needed. Not a horrifying change either ^^ just a little extra required work

Eats an ability or takes 3 melees either way does a good job of reducing the monsters damage out put or giving the hunters time to heal and charge jetpack.

that isn’t true. It stays on the last person who took damage for a few seconds you can break LoS if you want it to start recharging shields.

yeah because it shields sunny and it forces monsters to waste an ability on it if the sunny is at all competent.


even if we all break LOS it refuses to recharge shields when I have a drone on the ground in games I’ve played in the last 2-3 weeks (I didn’t see a lot of Sunny before then)

also, one ability? that will likely recharge before Sunny has the drone up? Probably twice? The humanity.

sarcasm aside, One ability is a fair trade. I don’t see many people complaining about markov’s mines when you have to use an ability to break one as most Monsters. The health seems to work just fine, since it’s meant to be focused in a fight. Kill it, move on.

I just had a Bob who had his Lava Bomb up 3 times before me as Sunny had drone off cooldown once. I was running CDR (because I was screwing around anyway, I don’t use Sunny that often) and I don’t know if Bob had CDR but… I never got to place a drone that lived long. (he was also focusing on me hard)

It’s still one full ability that isn’t gonna be used on your support compared to what every other support has that is amazing.

The CD before you can drop another drone is 6 seconds from when it’s first dropped and it takes like 8-9 seconds to charge up.

Well compare it to Hank who also forces the monster to target him he has the orbital barrage thats gonna shift you 10-20m and has a large CD

Cause mines don’t stop you from killing the support?

Also most people sit inside the mines so you’re guaranteed to hurt them as well as your target.

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Technically the shield drone doesn’t stop you from killing the support if you get clever about it, and occasionally pop someone else with a lighter ability to get them shielded, and then hit the support with a more damaging ability.

Like fire breath on Gol, on someone else, then rock throw.

or just murder the drone with ranged basics as Kraken, or kill it with lightning as Kelder… TP on top of it and smash as wraith, though I don’t recommend playing wraith atm anyway, or acid spit on Gorgon.

Tongue Grab a victim, then turn and lava bomb the support. Or Fissure victim, TG support, break LOS with rock wall, lava bomb sup?

Spread damage better hope you’re up against val or caira then otherwise all you’re doing is screwing yourself over.

might as well just use that on drone.

wasting time and letting them heal up have CD’s refresh and jetpacks recharge? Also most assaults like it when they know exactly where you’re gonna be for the next couple seconds.