Sunny's Drone Health Should Be Reduced

Every time you hit the drone while jumping as the Goliath, or ANY Monster, this health remains

Gotta hit it again


You hit it with a heavy attack and it didn’t die. That’s a good thing. If it was just one hit all the time it would be useless.


Yeah, because she can deploy another one anytime and anywhere.

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An entire 6 seconds later, with a 1.5 second setup time…


and another X seconds charge time.

She’s still busted

It should take two light attacks, one heavy attack, or one leap attack (Not Leap Smash) to destroy it.


An entire 6 seconds if you destroyed it right as she put it down. So it’s the same as if you let it fully charge and then destroyed it which is a good thing bad placement should be punished.

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Exactly! Aside from the fact that it’s 10x times more powerful than Hank’s shield, the shield regenerates less than 3 seconds after you take it down. So either force yourself to take down the drone, or have good nightmares :slight_smile:


Jepp, but Hank is sitting at 60% winrate. Good ol’ telemetry.

Sunny is way more powerful than Hank if used correctly. But due to requiring actual team work and skill to be used to her full potential, her win rate suffers.
Hank doesn’t require any coordination, so the hunters can’t screw up, so his win rate is high.

Ergo Hank receives a nerf. :smiley:

Reducing the drone’s health would only make her even more inconsistent against different monsters. With such little health some monsters can just casually destroy it (Kraken, Meteor, Gorgon) and some have to waste traversals, time and/or a heavy hitter to get rid of it (Goliath, Wraith, Behemoth).

It’s better than wasting an ability on the drone.

Also I want to think that TRS will also nerf/buff/adjust characters due to player demand. Want being the key word here.


Wasting an ability on a deployable WTF? What were TRS thinking? But that’s true, this is what the drone forces us to.


Goliath can kill it with FB just like MG or Gorgon with AS?

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He can, but it’s more difficult for him because his Flame Breath is shorter than Meteor’s or Gorgon’s Acid. So he has to get closer to the drone which usually means he has to disengage from his current focus target to take care of the drone.


If you melee one down - and then use a utility ability in the next drone as she’s placing it, it’ll be 16 seconds minimum before she can shield anyone with the drone. That’s a huge window to down sunny.

You don’t always have to destroy the drone IMMEDIATELY. The drone actually has a 3 second deploy and set up time (it completed and starts charging its shields once you see its little or shield surround itself), and a 7 second charge up time.

She’s very powerful. But she’s focus bait.


Lol. Poor you.

It’s only one deployable which quite some takes time to reload, deploy and charge up. Just like Kala’s teleporters. Yeah, they shouldn’t break from one light melee or a tickle of fire.

You know that monsters have deployables, too, which hunters need to take care of, right? Speaking of Wraith’s Phantom, Gorgon’s Spiderling and Kraken’s Banshee Mines. None of these you can just shoot casually. Banshee mines are the easiest but you have to dedicate one person to them entirely usually.

What was TRS thinking? Making us actually work for a win.


But she can defend herself and her team better than the only other focus bait.


That’s why Sunny is the best support against a lot of monsters right now if you don’t want to go Cabot. Bucket is the go-to against monsters that can take care of Sunny’s drone too easily. And Hank/Tech Hank are only viable with Slim.

Kala is also good for offensive comps. But Cabot is easier so why bother with Kala.

Kinda sorta?

I guess it depends how long it takes to down her. Sure she can poop out another drone - but if you destroy it again she’s still another 16 seconds away from shields.

Supports like bucket however can shield themselves. Twice. And with quite a few medics can basically guarantee enough rapid heal bursts to be back to completely full health from the brink of death. Of course he can only do it once, versus infinite drones - but he’s guaranteeing a complete reset of the entire engagement. And if you’re not using your utility abilities on his sentries, he’s going to also guarantee you see plenty of damage while you do it.

Again, not saying sunny ISNT powerful- she is. But I think at this point her power is exaggerated a smidge (which is justified. She’s had such a long time of stupidness, she’s understandably left a very bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths). At the very least I feel it’s worth pointing out she’s not the be all end all support pick in competitive - which is important to make note of when the context that kraken (arguably a solid counter to her) isn’t the mets monster anymore - and it’s Goliath instead (the monster she used to poopoo on completely).


Nerfing her drone will make her absolute shit.