Sunny's drone don't block the first hit

I play with Val and my friend play as Sunny. He drops the drone and on the first damage of the monster it don’t block. This only block the next damage.

Is the drone charging perhaps or…what? :unamused:

No, when it’s fully charged, there was a little delay between the contact of the monster damage and the drone’s beam reach the hunter.

Might be lag. Although it happens to me sometimes. The bot shields me just after the monster hits.

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what are you ppl talking about. the drone always blocks the next hit after the first one.


Heads up, the shield isn’t supposed to stop first attacks. It triggers after the first attack so you don’t get hard focused. That’s why Hanks shield is a little better as you can put it on before the Hunter gets hit.

That’s why with Sunny I usually attack someone first the use an ability on the Hunter I want to focus on, so I don’t accidentally trigger the shield.


See, i thought that was how it worked, but the title made me change my mind lool

This is the design of the drone, It’s not supposed to block the first hit.


As others have stated the drone isn’t designed to shield the first hit.