Sunny's drone : destroy it, it's already back!

Hey guys am I the only one feeling the time or ability spent destroying Sunny’s drone feels useless ? As soon as you destroy it, a few seconds later (6) it’s back… by the time your ability reloads or you get back to your target, the drone is already charged up and you have to deal with it again.

Right now I try to hard focus Sunny to prevent such defense on the hunter team, but if you have a decent medic in the team and the Sunny knows some basic juke skills, it gets reaaaaally hard.
If there should be a change (no, I’m not calling for “OP”, don’t worry), maybe not make a new shield drone available right after the previous one ? I don’t really remember if there is a recharge time on the drone placement itself… Increasing the shield load time would not be very effective I think, I just think putting drone after drone seems a bit… painful.

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After equipping I think she has to wait 2 seconds before she can place a new drone.

However yes, Sunny is one of those Hunters that if played well, can make you want to rip your hair out.


I think its a litte crazy that it doesnt die to one heavy attack, so if you want to kill it without sitting on it you need to use an ability.

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That’s only after it charges up I think. It projects a shield beam and shields itself a small amount. If it’s not charged up, you can take it out with a single heavy.

The thing is, Monsters don’t use heavies on it unless it’s an air heavy you use intentionally. Otherwise, it’s small slaps

It’s been a long time but I could have sworn that heavies can be used against it

The issue is unless you can destroy one then IMMEDIATELY get over to her to destroy the one she puts down straight away you’re always playing catch-up - do you kill the active shield drone, do you chase Sunny and power through it, or do you try and punt the medic out of LOS so you can get some damage in? Unless you can get the drop on her and cleave her and her latest drone at once you’re always getting the short end of the stick.

it takes 8 seconds until the new drone is doing anything

But in that 8 seconds she’s running like you just lit her arse on fire so unless you already killed it you have two separate targets at the opposite end of the dome and have to pick one

Glad to see I’m not the only one struggling with this drone ^^

And those 8 seconds of time until full charge will still allow Sunny to jetpack your target to the other side of the dome… or cloak herself to save her life.
I’ll try Buznik strategy - destroy the shield, hard focus Sunny.

I warn you now, it’s hard as balls and ain’t exactly reliable, but it’s the best I could come up with as Wraith

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