Sunny's boost jetpack in combat for 150 seconds


seemed easy at first but it is giving me like 1 second for a full boosting while in a fight with the monster that lasted around a minute or two.


Yeah, same here. Looked easy, but you have to remember that the jetpack boost energy is gone in 3 or 4 bursts which is only part of a second at best.


i was using the increased capacity to have it last longer but nothing a lot of matches i just dont get any progress


I am having a lot of problems with this as well. I have been doing rounds of defend using nothing but her jetpack and getting maybe six seconds on it.


I’ve noticed that the time racks up faster if your teammates use it steadily to climb walls instead of quickly bursting through your fuel. You can’t tell the bots what to do, but if you have a friend on your team let them know this.