Sunny's 2 star Jetpack Mastery


Can someone please clarify what constitutes combat jetpack? I have been trying to get the 2 star jet pack booster progress and I can’t seem to get any really?

I have tried shooting the monster then boosting my teammates.
I have tried getting hit and then boosting teammates.
I have tried boosting my teammates while they are getting hit and then having them esacpe.

No progress made.

Someone please help. I have a feeling it is bugged but I do not want to put it in the bug category if I am just missing something.


Edit: I figured out how to get the mastery. Sunny has to actually take damage in order to be considered in combat. Dealing damage to the monster and having other hunters deal damage to the monster or vice versa does not put sunny into combat.

Sunny has to be damaged and then boost her teammates in order to get progression. Very inconvenient but if it is that much of a problem I am sure you guys can figure out a way to farm it in solo mode :wink:

What is right way to get 2nd unlock for sunny?

I have 28/120, from just playing. It shouldn’t be too hard, if people are getting it passively. O.o


I have 18 and I have had 18 for the past 15 matches :confused:

I don’t really know what to do. I have the other two skills at 2 stars and I can’t get to the 3 star mastery.


well i m nearly done with all three stars…
For the 2 star on jetpackbooster…as soon as the monster is fighting you do nothing else than using ur jetpack booster…
or go into a custom defend match and boost all them time…it counts the minions as a “Fight” :smiley:
good luck


Yeah I am getting almost zero progress and I have committed to games of not shooting my mini nuke lol Thank you for the help though. It sounds like it is just my game right now. I’ll restart and play with it later.


I get the feeling that’s a bug.


It’s the same issue with Torvalds shrapnel grenade. I think the tooltip is poorly written. As for Torvald I think it’s all about getting hits on the markers. Not actual damage done.

As for Sunnys jet boost, I think it may be to boost a teammate who has just recently gotten damaged. So as soon as they take damage they should have jet boost on them. Not sure if they have to use the boost or not for credit to be given.

The tooltip says something like “use boost while in combat”, and I’ve had on solo mode targeted teammates nonstop while they are fighting. In the end I got 10 seconds maybe. While standing there like a turd for 10 minutes spamming it. I did it mainly on people who were just shooting, and not specifically those getting hit. :sunny:


Make sure to communicate the jetpack beam, so they use it actively in combat, that should progress your mastery.


You have to be in combat when using the beam… That means the health of the monster is on screen. Then you put the beam on someone and for every second they use jetpack you get credit for it. DBL jetpacking uses up more ‘ammo’ and if you let go or they disappear before 1 second of flight is on it won’t count.

What is right way to get 2nd unlock for sunny?

Yeah that isn’t correct. I tested it. Sunny, personally has to take damage than then jetpack someone else.

I tested shooting the monster with the mini nuke and then jetpacking my teammates up into the air. no progress.

I tested my teammates getting hit and then jetpacking them into the air. No progress

Sunny has to be “in combat” which is when she is taking damage personally in order for the progression to count.


That is what I said. You have to be in combat. Combat is triggered when you, or the monster, damages the other within 70 meters.


If I shoot the monster with the mini nuke 15 meters away, which by your definition puts me into combat, and then jet pack boost my teammates, it does not count. I promise I tested it. :slight_smile:


What console are you on? I never had to damage, nor be damaged. As long as anyone in my team was boosted while the Monster’s health bar showed it counted.


xbox one. My team and I tested the new hunters a lot last night.


Could be an XBone thing then. PC user here and didn’t have any issues with it.


Yeah that is why I had hesitation on putting this in the bugs category. I wasn’t sure if I was missing something but it sounds like I wasn’t.

Thank you for the responses though.


Anytime :smile:


If you look at your Jetbeam-Gun, there’s a display in percentage terms. It only counts if your teammate uses your jetbeam, in which case then starts the counter. Otherwise just beaming your teammate without usage won’t.


Yes, I am aware of how the jetpack beam works and how it should start the counter. The whole point of the thread was that it wasn’t starting the counter unless I personally took damage and then boosted other people. If you read the comments above, I have outline what I have tested.

I think this issue is xb1 specific but that is unconfirmed.


It’s not limited to Xbox One; I experienced the same on PC.

This should be a bug report imo.