Sunny will never be balanced in competitive


The extra jet pack mechanic can not be balanced in competitive play. Against highly skilled hunters it’s already easy for them to keep up with you, cutting you off correctly making it hard to evolve without having someone in your face as you’re finishing your evolve. Imagine sunny? I would have to evolve with the assault in my face the entire evolve… This can’t be balanced… and I hope she never is allowed in competitive play. The thought of her in competitive play scares the living shit out of me.


The thought of her in any play scares the shit outta me, even a pub team can use her effectively (hardly but eh) and it makes it soo annoying


Her jetpacks boost giving super saying boost is absolutely bonkers. Just make it give regular boost.



so much this

but they will just nerf her into the ground just like they did with cabot instead of giving her 2 little tweaks


The problem is that she’s not giving up much in order to do that. She’s extremely defensive with that shield drone, and she still puts out decent damage.

The only way to make it balanced is to make her give up nearly everything else in favor of that jetpack booster. If she JUST had that, she would still be good but wouldn’t be too OP.

Wonder if ESL would allow her to be played sans shield drone… hmm…


Except cabot is still extremely good


Cabot’s still amazing, he’s just not a second Assault anymore.


It can be ballanced easily . She just needs 2 modes for booster .

1.mode out of combat : the speed , range and other stuff will be nerfed

2.mode in combat ( in dome) : booster will work like now


Isn’t she fun to fight? :wink:


Except she cant boost herself which essentially separates her from the team… She might need a small Nerf on the jetpack… But the drone is quite unweildy… Takes about 5 secs to deploy and another 5 to charge and engage… Plenty of time for a down from a focusing monster… It’s capacity is a little extra I’ll give you that…

She has team cloak but that doesn’t really make her any harder to focus than any other support besides her shield drone… She really is just very defensive and requires a monster who is either willing to focus her or to sperate her teammates from her/droid and focus them.

Our society has a tendency to over exaggerate and then the community just goes with that ish… Biu to say shell “never” be balanced???

God, I love the taste of your salty tears :)… And I will not stop jetpack boosting or focusing sunnies down like auburn afternoons on the beach


There’s repeated talk about removing the ability for it to be used to jetpack boost. If that happens, it’ll be fine. It won’t be able to help a persona traversal so crazily. Basically allowing it to recharge jetpacks quicky over time, but not be as effective for burst mobility.


Against skilled Monsters who don’t corner themselves and use the terrain, it is nigh impossible to stay on their tail.

So I reject your premise.

Onto Sunny, the Booster, if nothing else, is limited by her own position.

She can slingshot a Hunter, but ultimately the team is limited to the steady movement of a normal Hunter.

That said, I do favor nerfing her Shield Drone to having next to no durability, a six second cooldown on placement, and perhaps half its current shield and recharge power.


Cabot is garbage, and his Damage Amp is highly overrated.

(Due to its flashy, unreliable, and infrequent high damage potential.)

He needs something more to compete with the shielding of Hank and Sunny.

He is purely a damage specialist in fights, and his damage isn’t significant enough to make up for not having a more directly defensive tool.


Macman already confirmed that they will nerf the shielddrone for example …


Yup she will be nerfed hard back to val I go


The Jetpack Booster is the only extant issue with Sunny. Its operation needs to be changed so that when you have it equipped you can see how much jetpack-fuel your team-mates have (as a bar over their health-bar, perhaps) and it increases the recharge-rate of whomever you use it on by 150% while in use, the beam having a capacity similar to that of Hank’s shield-projector. This would make it still very useful, but no longer game-breaking as it is at present.


This weekend has been an awesome break from “all Sunny all the time” in the Support slot.


Sunny in a team means I extend the game until at least 30 minutes


Oh please.

It only means that you’ll leave after eighteen minutes, because the hunter team keeps toying with you.


Yes, I was actually thinking of this! You read my mind C:


Sunny is weak, maybe cause I play Wraith, her shielding never works, same for her jetpack. Wraith is too fast for those abilities to actually work.