Sunny...... WHAT!?


So I played a game with Kraken thinking that I had a chance against some of the T4 hunters… Just wait a second…

Here I thought that her droid were OP enough…

Now I understand why some people think her charge jetpack gun is OP… Just wow.

I played Kraken and tried to escape several times through using this warp blast (or whatever its called) and try to escape. Nope I had hunters shot to me like some sort bullet. Not one’s but several times. When I had somehow escaped atleast, I saw how their assult just came flying upon me and there I was thinking I was safe.

At the end I just stood on a rock and gave up because I felt that it was no use doing anything since I also had a newly put up dome around me.

Here I thought that I’d have to worry about Torvald only, now Sunny… Ugh…

If this is the sort of games I will have then I feel like quiting this game for real.

(I almost feel like giving a tear while writing this)

Sidenote: Where is the advantage to the monsters!?


She should be getting a nerf soonish, so it should be easier to fight her
These threads more so focus on the combat aspect, but they should still help a bit (even if it’s not much)


The game might be slightly unbalanced right now, but you have to realize how strange of a game this is.

How hard do you think it would be to balance out every monster, against every hunter, and every combination of hunters, all doing different things?

It’s still pretty new. Just be patient, and try to have fun with it.


There’s one thing I dislike about any kind of “take her first” advice.

Ideally, ALL hunters should be “taken first”.

Killing Laz first is a priority because he will rez shit.
Killing Sup first is a priority because he will shield/amp his mates
Killing Trapper first is a priority because he slows you down and maintains the dome
Killing Assault first is a priority because he is Torvald :wink:

You will have to kill “someone” first, but it’s not really great advice to say that a hunter can be countered by taking him down first.


It’s more instinct in game, on who to target and kill first. It also depends on their skill level, and you learn that by test engages. Don’t commit early, and then decide who’s the weakest link.


Exactly, which means that you cannot rely on a “take x first” advice beyond broad generalities.

Finding the weakest link is actually an important skill monster players need. The unfortunate poker truth applies here too : If you can’t find the weakest link, then you ARE the weakest link and, as a monster, will probably die!


If you’re playing against crow then ignore this.

I had a few matches today like you’ve experienced. Just trying to find a safe spot to evolve is difficult.

To counter it requires something more than running. Air burst away a few times, then drop and sneak away in a different direction. It might not work or it might buy you a few minutes.

Also against Sunny you have to eat on the move. Vortex your food, drop and eat, then get moving.

It’s a real struggle sometimes but when you turn it around and win it’s amazing.