Sunny vs Hank

Who’s the better Support? Defensively and offensively, who does what better and why? And which do you prefer?

  • Sunny
  • Hank

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Hank is safer and more reliable, but I think Sunny can be stronger when played right. I atleast find Sunny a lot more fun to have on the team, that’s for sure.

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Defensively I would say Sunny. Offensively, I would say Hank.

Sunny has more utility to keep hunters safe, in addition to being able to shield herself.

Hank is… well hank, he’s got defensive options, but not as good as Sunny utility. Hank’s shield is arguably better.


Hank feels like more of a GTFO free card. Having Sunny boosting you out of danger is better than his shields IMO, and the drone either acts as solid extra defence or a constant primary target to be eliminated, denies hard focus.

Hank. Not only does he have the Orbital that does massive damage, but he can control when to shield or not a teammate and can prevent a heavy damage ability on any teammate while Sunny’s shield drone would shield after the damage, also placing it in a spot where anybody is out of LoS, that person is going to go down, whereas Hank can quickly reposition to be in LoS of anybody in danger.

You’re forgetting about Sunny’s jetpack booster there :stuck_out_tongue:

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True, abilities like FB can still deal partial damage though or make her use it all up she has to wait for it to recharge.

Then it’s down to the one using the boost. It takes two to dodge any ability AND get to safety. Better than shields just taking the hit IMO.

Then there’s the drone on top of that.

I would take a good sunny over a good Hank any day. A sunny that is constantly replacing the drone–while the monster is attacking the current one or adjusting its location to move with the fight; and I’ll take that boost if I am getting hard focused and need a way to get out of that jam fast. That nuke is great for flushing out monsters or laying the smack down when the boost isn’t needed (that shield is still going WHILE she’s doing damage)
Hank is Hank, which isn’t a bad thing…I would just rather have Sunny be my support on a world infested with monsters and evil wildlife.

hank is by far better against kraken

cuz right now u need on point shields on ure medic and the shield drone (if its up against kraken at all) is easly counterable

and hanks dmg is not lower then sunnys

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Hank is really good. I just prefer having a Sunny in the team and I’m a big fan of the Caira,Sunny comp even though some people say it doesn’t work very well. I think the only monster where Hank is just straight up better against is kraken.

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Sunny easily. Since in certain places on certain maps you can have the drone manually target you over and over. Not to mention it’s stronger then hank’s shield. PLUS the booster. IF you can manage boosting someone to safety then get in them range of the drone and have the drone do it’s job while your booster recharges. Then when you’re ready you can boost the TM out of the LOS drone to begin it’s recharge.

Rinse and repeat and keep an eye on the drone to replace it when needed.

With smart teammates: Sunny. Monster will never get away, no one will get hit by anything, and if they do, no biggy, they’ll be shielded

With less than stellar teammates (or fighting Karken cuz bursty af): Hank. For obvious reasons.

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I still say sunny is the best vs kraken. An extra target to hit is a + in my books.

Plus with the Booster you’ll only get hit by Vortex or Mines because dodging AS and LS will be easier.

Until the AS comes for you
In which case
Wat do

Basically yeah. And sunny’s nade launcher combined with markov makes mines such a little threat. Then all you have to do is tank vortex from time to time and you’re set.

Val/laz, sunny, griffin/maggie/jack, markov is a really good combo against kraken. You basically shut down every single ability kraken has.

On paper of course because you still need aim and comms.

Call on trapper to stick a harpoon in his ass. Or Repulse him to waste it.

She has her own shields, a cloak and a medic.

And the same is true for Hank, right? What if the AS comes for him? No shielding himself. Kraken will laugh at the orbital. Cloak is there.

I just prefer Hank I suppose

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