Sunny Val as WRAITH


Riding the strugglebus against this comp as wraith. How do I deal with shield drone spam and jetpack and Val picking up sunny.


The best thing is to abduct hunters into places where the drone cannot reach. Then hammer them down, and try to keep them in that region. If a hunter goes down, focus Val and keep an eye to make sure the downed hunter isn’t being revived. If you have to, abduct them away from the spot they are lying in.


First destroy drone, second abduct sunny, third tumble sunny until she dies.

There are more to it ofcourse but that is the basic.


Yeah I had a Sunny that replaced the drone every time I destroyed it. There needs to be a cooldown to replace it everytime one is destroyed.


Sunny dies FIRST


If only it were that simple.


Play Goliath baby


Thats like saying to someone asking for advice against Griffin (as a goliath player) pick Kraken. Sure it solves that problem but it’s not even close to what the person asking for help wanted.


I just did that in my latest video! I went after Val first, then Parnell, and then Griffin. Sunny I must’ve killed and not noticed or the wildlife got to her first.


Wraith is useless now just realise it.

Play Goliath babes


Goliath is much shittier than Kraken just realise it

Play Kraken babes.


I think you both should just elder babes.


I think you three should join meteor babes.

He’s what I used when I fought the Val+Sunny.


Okay I agree with you there <3 <3 <3


Omg I play Meteor now after every single goddamn hunter group cheesing me in tunnels etc as Kraken. Meter is SO GOOD I CAN’T HANDLE IT.


He also nullifies Sunny’s cloak! Plus mine’s elite (like yours, I remember from the game we played), so I can take down those pesky Hunters sooner.


Sunny drone needs a cooldown or total removal. Wraith can’t destroy the drone unless in melee range which makes it super easy to land mortars and forces you to tank toxics. Meanwhile kraken can kill it with 2 snowballs from 30+ yards.