Sunny Union Jack Skin?


Since we have beat the challenge this week I was expecting to get the skin by today but I haven’t. I did participate during the week. Have the skins not been given out or is this a bug?


Neither have I and I fought sunnys


I’m pretty sure challenge skins don’t get released until Thursday’s. I could be wrong though.


Oh, I thought they were released the next few days after the challenge.


@MaddCow @SledgePainter I feel like this is something you would know the anwser to


Skins can take a few days pending on account and system. I wouldn’t start worrying about it until Friday. They say that it usually kicks in before/around Thursday.


Yeah, weekend challenge skins are usually distributed on the following Thursday (+/- 1 day).


Correction skins are usually distributed by Tuesday they say by Thursday to be safe. Majority of skins are released early evening here in Italy on Tuesday. Like her said wait until Friday then there is an issue.


I’ve had it since yesterday.