Sunny Tier 3 masteries


Does anyone feel like this is borderline impossible? The mini nuke is just a matter of time, sure, but the other two… Jesus. I can never get more than maybe 2k damage shielded per match and that’s if I really only focus on redeploying nonstop. The Jetpack boost… It never even counts, There’s so many matches where I boost people so much and in the end it says I haven’t done anything. It’s frustrating as hell.


defend. place shielddrone. stand infront of the reactor so the minions hit u.

and just boost the bots they dont need to use the jetpack to make it count.


I’m trying, it’s a pain in the ass.


Mininuke was easy, took me maybe a dozen games. Jetpack is doable in most games if you act like a jackass and just walk around spamming it when it’s not needed. Shield requires the monster to try to tunnel through it, which will almost never happen at higher levels of play.

The only points in either of them that I’ve gotten “legit” were from games that ended up running around a half-hour in length, and the fact that I could only ever get 1 point per match is nigh infuriating.

They’re farmable of course, but that’s irritating too.


that tactic under me is way better—> should also work with flooded areas then


Also, FWIW, I find the shield drone farming much easier to just go to wraith trap with radiation clouds, because you can just stand in them and then jump out for the drone to recharge. If you’ve got at least one other hunter standing around nearby you can jetpack boost them at the same time, and rack up the points pretty quick.