Sunny Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


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Stage 2: Sunny Strategy, Tips and Advice

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Here are my tips for Sunny:

    1. Priorities: Shield drone, jetpack booster, mininuke launcher.
    1. Always have a shield drone out. Seriously, if the monster destroys it, put another up. Try to place them in high spots, and make sure they have decent line of sight in the battlefield (usually a dome). If you put the shield drone on top of a cliff, and the monster climbs up to destroy it, place another one somewhere else before they do. This means that the second drone will be already charging and the monster has just wasted its time by climbing up there to destroy the first one.
    1. If a shield drone is out, always look for opportunities to jetpack boost teammates. If you are chasing the monster, prioritize boosting the Trapper so that they can catch the monster. If the dome has just run out and the monster has little or no armor, boost the assault so he can do some extra health damage. Additionally, there are times where it might be useful to boost Val so she can get a tranq in and slow the monster down. In a dome, boost whoever is being focused (except assault, unless they are about to die and have no shield). Prioritize medic, then trapper. This can make it very easy for medic and trapper to stay out of the monster’s range, while assault does heavy damage to it.
    1. If you have a shield drone out, and no one to boost (this isn’t very often), then switch to your mininuke launcher. You also want to use this if the monster is about to die (for extra damage) or if the dome has just gone out and you already boosted assault up to it (again, extra damage). Honestly though, the only other time to use it will be to clear out wildlife (so that pack of mammoth birds doesn’t zap your entire team), and to save pounced (or otherwise in trouble) teammates.

Recommended perks: Reload speed and capacity mainly. Both are going to greatly benefit your jetpack booster, which is what you really want. You could also take jetpack recharge or jump height to catch up/stay out of the monster’s range, but I still would recommend the previous two.


always put the drone somewhere up (u will learn the best spots rly quick)

NEVER stand next to ure drone.

position ureself like this.

drone on one rock>stand on the other

when the monster kills the first drone drop a new one on ure position and swap ureself over to the last drone position.

with good jetpackmanagement u can do that pretty long while beeing focused

and dont use ure booster on cd.

first off all bring ureself in position with the most los(line of sight) as possible (so that ure trapper/whoever can use the whole mag)

dont let ure trapper use the whole boost if hes gonne be alone with the monster (only if u know that he can survive on his own)

sunny is all about situation awareness and positioning.

and never sit on ure jetpackbooster unless someones gonne get focused rly hard.(kinda like hank ofc)

when the monster is beeing evasive u should mostly be on ure mininuke while communicating with ure assault which side ure boxing.

he should always tell u when he needs a boost

but u get a feeling for the right balance between sitting on the nuke and boosting ure assault.



use ure damn cloak for teammates … why is noone using cloak as a defend for the trapper/medic? like srsly


4 is actually a fallacy made up by weaker Sunny players. (sarcasm kinda) There is always a time to be boosting someone. Whether your boosting assault towards the monster or medic so that they can reposition on their jet pack CD. The only reason you should ever pull out your nuke launcher is to fire two shots in between reload…
honestly the monster probably already saw and is attacking your drone sooooo ur gonna have to reposition that first…
Oh hey look jetpack boosters recharged… Hmmmmmmm


Not at all. There are plenty of times you don’t need to be boosting anyone. To name a few: assault is shield tanking, monster is running away but assault is still getting damage on it, assault is tanking and medic is healing, assault is tanking and your shield drone is on him. Basically, any situation where assault is tanking (unless they are close to death or medic is down) allows you to pull out your mininuke and get a ton of damage on the monster.

You also need to be letting your booster recharge if no one is in any immediate danger, you never know when medic is going to need 3 boosts from you. Also, shield drones take literally a second to place, there’s no reason to stand around not shooting while waiting to place a new one.

Like I said, mininuke is your lowest priority and won’t be used often, but you definitely need to be using it for extra damage when you have nothing else to do. I honestly have no idea why you’re even trying to argue that. It makes no sense to NOT be doing damage when you have the time to.


IMO the only acceptable time for sunny to use mini nuke is:

A) deny monster pounce damage

B) situational punishment for camping/hiding/fleeing

C) applying pressure once monster loses armor and goes on defensive

Besides those examples i think boosting is always better. Even if its only one it will still deny the monster damage for a moment, which might be all you need. Man forget recharging, tell those silly teammates to use the 1-2 dashes yo come to me before I pop invis

Sure sunny can add some decent burst damage go the team, but where she really shines is her defense. With a good sunny on the team, everyone else gets to concentrate solely on their duties. Cause they know that as soon as the monster so much as gets to close theyll be boosted away


easy solution for ure problem guys.

use quickswap

with quickswap u can get a way longer nuke uptime

and sitting the whole time on the booster is as wrong as sitting only on the nuke infight

ure gonne get a good feeling for the right thing in different situations


I totally agree with you. I’m just saying throughout a match/dome those three instances tend to happen enough that I am content to save it for that. Of course as soon as armor comes down I’m gonna revert to a more aggressive style.

Until that happens though, I preference to maintain a heavy defense on the team that makes it really hard for monster to maintain damage. I mean her kit is literally has 2 purely defensive skills (cloak, shield), 1 weak AOE damage dealer, and a utility for either offensive or defensive uses.

Clearly meant to bring up the pain threshold of the team when played right IMO


I fundamentally believe that the last nerf to Sunny’s ranges has actually helped her as a character. I think before teams did not have to think about Sunny or her kit and instead played Sunny a lot like Hank, meaning that they relied on Sunny being good and not on strong team positioning.

Cabot and Bucket both require team positioning for their kits to be useful. Now that Sunny has a reduced range, people listen to me more when I tell them that they’re moving out of range of the jetpack booster or drone. It also means that I position further from my drone than before to cover the dome better in a fight.

In a dome now, I will leave the drone in a well-situated area where it can protect whoever is under attack in a wide area, and if someone is forced to move out of range to pressure the monster, I can then jetpack them backwards towards the protection of the drone and keep them up in time for the medic (preferably Val in a Sunny comp) to heal them up.

The shorter range also has affected how teams move on the chase. So now that Sunny can’t fire the Trapper 100 meters away securely anymore, I’ve used the booster on the chase to help keep the Assault moving forward and then boost the trapper and medic to keep the monster boxed in a part of the map.

In terms of perks, I really prefer quick-switch on Sunny. I don’t always find that I need jetpack booster to keep up, because I find that I spend more time helping keep other people on the chase than having to chase myself. In combat, I prefer quick switch because it allows me to quickly pressure a monster with damage as I’m helping someone else reposition and it means I can throw a new drone down almost instantly. Sunny has the longest switch times of any Support and I find that juggling the kit without quick switch becomes an ordeal and I feel restricted into what aspect of the kit I can use instead of forcibly applying all of it.

Additionally, having quick switch means I can control wildlife really easily as we’re moving around. I prefer to run Sunny with Val, Griffin/Maggie, and Lennox/Parnell; and as such I think it helps to have Sunny quickly blast reavers, venom hounds, and Mammoth Birds out of the way.


What are some perks I should experiment with Sunny in Hunt and Arena?

I tried movement speed in Hunt which was great because it allowed me to keep the flock together and constantly moving.

I’m struggling in Arena though, with the shield Drone dying so easily mainly.

things that might help you guys know how I play

  • in Hunt I use movement speed to keep the flock together
  • inside domes I like to it the Drone and one end and I reposition to another so I have more coverage.
  • I don’t let my people deplete the jetpack in one use when we’re chasing a monster.


just use reload

u can still keep up with the team if ure position ureself right and if u keep cutting

u dont need an movement perk


Agreed with @Fav. Sunny doesn’t really need a movement perk. You should boost her kit. I know many people prefer reload for the 6 second charge time on the drone and more booster, but I highly recommend quick switch. It helps you use your kit more than just the drone or boost.

Also, place the shield drone somewhere the monster must climb or jump to destroy it and then reposition to a new ledge. Good monsters will attempt to kill Sunny while the drone is down, so you buy yourself time for the new one to charge.

Sunny also has to add damage. I mentioned before that she can quickly clear small wildlife from the dome and she has solid damage output.

Last tip is to order your pressured teammates into the drone protection and tell them to stay there. People treat Sunny like Hank and expect the shield to follow them around corners. Monsters know this and will often blow abilities against the shield expecting the hunter to dodge away from drone. Have your shielded teammate tank the hit and then boost them away after they’re knocked back.


I use mainly Capacity on Hank, Cabot and Sunny. Sometimes Reload.


Sunny has ruined the game for me, you guys had everything going well until you made her. It’s her booster, monsters can’t evolve with a good sunny. It’s just a fact. We don’t stand a chance. Look at any game, Sunny is the support 4/5 times. Why? Because hunters know she will win the game. Moderators should nerf the booster. Ask any monster player and they would agree.


I’m a monster hunter and I don’t agree. I love Sunny! She’s an amazing character! In a fight, she makes things wickedly difficult. That’s the fun of it, right? If every evolve match was a guaranteed monster win, it wouldn’t be fun- as the monster or the hunters. They said the same thing about Behemoth, you know, but he’s honestly my favorite monster to go against! Tweak your strategies; you never know what could happen if you place your foot in a different place. :slight_smile:


this was really handy!


Then you’re not a very good monster if you can’t win just because you are versing sunny.


Your argument is unsound. If you were a really good weight lifter and then I told you to lift a weight with only one hand instead of two does that make you bad? Sunny is a handicap.


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