Sunny Stage 3 Mastery bug


I have been frustrated with 2 and 3 below. I am playing SP. I know for a fact I have earned enough points to increase my mastery as the game said I did but when the screen came up to award me progress, it doesn’t award me anything.
I think this is broken. This has not happened with any other Hunter.

  1. Mininuke Grenade Launcher:
  • Tier 3 - Do 350 direct hits to the Monster
    No problem with this one. I completed it.
  1. Jetback Booster:
  • Tier 3 - Boost jetpacks for 40 seconds in a single game 20 times
    I can make almost no progress on this at all.
  1. Shield Drone:
  • Tier 3 - Shield 2000 damage in single round, 20 times
    There is something wrong with this for sure. I have earned this several times which the game acknowledged but I was awarded nothing toward the Mastery.


just keep the boost on someone throughout the game, you’ll be sure to get it soon enough. Lord know I did :smiley:


You literally just need to keep boosting for an entire game. Most boosts are a second long or shorter, so it takes a LOT to add up to 40 seconds in a game.

I had no problems with this one either, but I’m pretty sure for both you can only get it once per game. If it is saying that you shielded 2,000+ damage in the end game but you didn’t get any progress, then idk. Like I said, I have all of them done myself and had no problems, so it would be strange if it wasn’t working for you.


Wow. Sunny mastery… I hope you don’t main Sunny, because then you would have a lot of haters. Can’t help you with the bugs… Sorry :frowning:


Just happen to me when I tried to elite sunny:

(Picture taken on phone)


Hmmm, you’re sure you boosted for 40+ seconds? If I remember correctly, you can’t just have the booster on someone, they need to be actually using it. 40 seconds is quite a lot actually, you may have only done 35 like it says. I would try testing this with a friend and counting how many seconds they are actually using the jetpack while boosting them.

Seems unlikely that this would be incorrect, but I’m sure it’s possible.