Sunny slim crow torvald events


I mean theres new hunters and new monster its time to give us behemoth gold,voodoo and savage events along with new hunter skin events,we need tier 4 skins uhhh,anyone agree?


no not everyone has them


If more people participated, instead of hoping others achieve the goals, we would have skins for sunny and Torvald by now. Atleast crow got a predator skin.


Er, but not everyone has the DLC. It would be a bit unfair at this point to have challenges and skins based around these characters.


I think it’s unfair that I can’t get skins for them because people don’t have them. It goes both ways.


There should be. I paid for them, I should get skins for them too.


Not all the Community has the T4 Hunters, so you risk alienating them should a community challenge focus on the new hunters, same applies for Behemoth for those who may not have pre-ordered or came late to EVOLVE etc.

Will admit, would love the chance to have more skins for them and Behemoth.


Not everybody has them, yes, so I don’t see it happening.

And if we ever have a Sunny/Torvald event, nobody will take Monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


i dealt 34,580 plus i love weekends. Im nonstop hunter.