Sunny Shield Exploit still in 2.1.1


Sunny can still sky-stack her shield generator. Has to deal with that last night a few times, luckily I was a Sky Wraith and just popped it in 1 shot, but still if I was a Behemoth I would have been doomed… DOOOMED!!!


It will be fixed eventually. ^.-
Just try your best to ignore it.


Things like this require programming to fix. It’s not a tweak or balance. It will take longer than the microfixes.


PC Patch had bug fixes, PS4 and XBOX did not.


It’s great to know us PC users have some benefits :cry: How’s those new maps doing…

On a side note too: Console patches cost money… lots of it. PC patching is free. I suspect they’d wait for a “larger patch” to fix it on consoles. It’s why they created the micropatch system. I think it works around the absurd pricing that psn and xbLive charge for patches.


SERIOUSLY? I knew MS and Sony like to bathe in gold, but…wow.


yep welcome to greedy companies! Its why PC will always be the testing grounds for changes that are involved with code lol We get to test the new code out before them so that way its for sure good to go to the consoles so it passes their testing.


I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. On one hand we get patches earlier, but on the other hand they aren’t as polished and we’re basically guinea pigs. :confused:


I like testing new stuff :smiley: makes life interesting. Plus PC needs some kind of favor since xbox gets stuff first. I just feel bad for PS4 they kinda just get stuff when it comes.


Yeah…Plus they had the worst pre-launch treatment.


Psn charges $120/mg (how you feeling about that 7gig Hunter patch now? Wonder if that’s why dlc is so expensive) to patch a game. Xbox used to charge $40000 per patch. …

xbox used to charge $40000 per patch. But their pricing has changed. It’s not posted online yet what the new cost is. … and apparently you can get into trouble legally for disclosing the cost.