Sunny shield drone suggestion


So on the micropatch thread, I asked GentlemanSquirl about adding a cool down to her shield drone and he said he’ll consider because they don’t want to push anymore nerfs on Sunny. I love Sunny, she is actually my favorite character but I wouldn’t consider a cool down a nerf if they do it correctly. I think people don’t want the shield drone to be nerfed but just altered in a way that makes it just as effective just not spammable. Here is my suggestion: Sunny’s shield drone has a 8 second charge time, so how about they give it a 5 second cool down with a 5 second charge time BUT give the shield back its 300 health back or even increase it a little bit more, for example, 350.

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A 5 second cooldown doesn’t seem like much if Sunny can mitigate the monster correctly. As for 300 HP, this still won’t solve a monster destroying it with one ability and thus causing her to place another drone down.

I’ve thought of a cooldown before placement, like per say 15 seconds, meaning you could get up to 4 placed in a dome.

The problem that made Sunny’s drone so spammy is the fact that monster would always destroy it after it was placed, and would then get frustrated and target her. In order to keep this for being repeated, the drones would need some sort of extreme health buff where 2 abilities would be needed to destroy it. This keeps the drone in a spot where monster has not reason to always get a drone down, and so Sunny can’t spam it.

I got this method because the monster should receive some punishment for targeting the drone, but also punishes Sunny for spamming her drone.

If you want to go all-out there, I’d make it so the drone has a decreased range and acts like a bubble when a hunter walks into it. The monster can’t hit through it, but the shield is the drones health. This makes it protect hunters, but has to be used carefully. Then slap a 30 second cooldown with 1000 hp and IMO it’s balanced. But this is a major rework to her and TRS is not likely going to take this approach.


Is that including the charge time?


That would be a good idea as well!


I meant to say in-between placement. So if her drone has X deploy time, when she placed it down the 15 second timer starts ticking.

If monster destroys the drone after 15 seconds, Sunny can place another one. IF the monster then destroys that one, Sunny needs to wait for her cooldown in order to place another one. Rince and repeat.

This way Sunny can’t spam her drone if shes focused.


Oh okay that makes sense! If that was the case what would be your health suggestion?


More than 300 because of the cooldown. Maybe when it’s being deployed it has 250 HP but when it’s deployed it has 450 HP. This compensates for the drone being an easy target when it’s deployed but since she has that 15 second cooldown, the drone needs to be up longer.


I very much agree! So going back to your 30 second cool down 1000 health idea, what do you mean it should act like a bubble? Couldn’t it just act the same way it does now? But maybe increase the charge time when the shield capacity runs out.


It works like the shields in SW BattleFront.

The drone no longer snaps to a target like how Hank is setup to be. It can be placed in the middle of the dome. The Shield creates the bubble, and by the monster attacking it the HP goes down. Once it reaches 0, the drone dies.

This stops how it can snap to any hunter being focused.

But like I said, this is my way-out-there idea.


I like it! But I know its highly unlikely they will do that which is why I think just altering the health and cool down is the only solution. [quote=“XplosionIncorporated, post:2, topic:85742”]
30 second cooldown with 1000 hp

And I like these numbers! Maybe 40 seconds though :stuck_out_tongue:


No. The monster would attack it until the bubble pops. Think of it like a dome within a dome, only this dome keeps the monster out.


The EMET and Sunny comp would be very deadly lol


Depends on how badly the monster wants into the party bubble.

Just using melees means that the hunters could already be at full health. The monster would need to use all of his/her abilities to break the bubble.


After her recent round of nerfs, while relatively minor, she feels a lot better to fight. Overall, she’s not ludicrously far from balanced. Her chase is still great, which is being toned down in the MP, while also bringing its capacity back up.

Back on topic, however:

Sunny’s Drone is a troublesome thing. There’s nothing that can be done to it without someone calling it a heavy nerf and others saying it’s still too strong.

I personally think it’s fine. It’s a great distraction, which seems to be something people forget about a lot, but it also provides amazing shields when it is ignored.

Also, I don’t follow the whole “spammable” logic. Yeah, she can throw out as many as she wants, but only one will work and it takes 8 seconds to do so. That’s 8 more seconds than a Hank will give you. I don’t think the amount of time before and after placing matters, though if it has a CD, that could be completely bypassed by simply placing it out of the Monster’s immediate reach and benefiting from the instant shields with zero penalty. It also is gonna stay 8 seconds no matter what, whether it’s charge time or charge+CD time.


I get what you are saying and I agree with you but I want the shield to be on the field for longer periods and most times it goes straight down for it before it even its fully charged which is why I wouldn’t mind a cool down for an increase health in health of the shield.

They could give it an instant charge time with 1000 health with a 40 second cool down.


It’s not toned down

The capacity is higher which means her chase will be better

For her drone : 2 / 3 seconds reload is reasonable


It will only boost people around 2/3 the distance, and it will also do it a LOT slower. Her issue was speed. They’re reducing the speed, which allows Monsters to get away faster and keeps Sunny from boosting people up instantly.

That’s a very good example of “toned down”.

My issue with a “reload” time is that it will be completely useless. If it’s 3 seconds and it takes the Monster more than that to kill it, then another can be instantly placed down with a much shorter charge time than there is now. Essentially, it’s screwing lower level Monsters and buffing high level/highly skilled Hunters without compensation.

Now, this issue would be MUCH worse if the Drone ALSO had increased health. It could be 5+ seconds to kill it, so the CD would have to be proportional. The prevailing issue is the charge up time. If there’s a CD, then charging is faster. If it takes the Monster the full CD time to kill it, then another can be placed with negligible charge time and be almost instant shields.

I really understand the want for her Drone to become more useful, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it. All it would do is make it more frustrating for those who can’t immediately kill it or who choose to melee it instead of use an ability. More health is not a bad idea, but adding a CD is a step in the wrong direction IMO.


The capacity is back to where it was

It’s slightly lower distance but with 4 boost (it’s better than 3) . The chase game is not toned down


How is that so ?

3 second reload alone is not for the monster to kill but

8 seconds to charge + 3 seconds for drone cool down is really enough in the long run

11 second is free damage for the monster before drone can shield the team which is pretty useful compared to 8 seconds


Yes, capacity is back to four. That does not mean it’s back to where it was.

A boosted Hunter will not cover the same distance.

A boosted Hunter will not move as fast.

Thus, the item that is boosting the Hunters is not as good as it used to be.

I really cannot put it any simpler than that.