Sunny Shield Drone stacking and standing on top of them


This is why I Lava Bomb people.


Yep, they should fix that.


Not even sure how that could happen… the drone should technically only be placable on the surface of something…


The surface is the surface of another drone :confused:


I wonder if you can place it on top of a behemoth?




Ooooh. Must.






Don’t you mean shield-drone-cenetipede?


That isn’t the half of it. Imagine that trick being used on a S3 Behemoth at the relay. Or any monster for that matter. The drone itself is untouchable or close to it, and the hunters are all but GUARANTEED their shielding. Behemoth CANNOT destroy the drone, and it can be difficult to deal with for the other 3. I ran into a team that abused both this and the dome exploit, using Sunny to boost the trapper out of the dome and leaving only their medic inside as bait to try and run out the clock. I ended up getting relay wins against them every time, but it was incredibly frustrating and I did not enjoy those wins.


We’re aware of the issue and will be working on a resolution for it.


we’re deciding to call it “Sunny’s stairway to heaven” bug for now.


drone stacking, still a thing. Thanks for balancing the other sunny cheapery tho, very much so appreciated


It takes time to re-code part of their game. Balancing is just number changing, and is very easy. They have to re-code, then internally test the balance of their fixes to problems like these. Such things take TIME, even if it is frustrating for us.

Coding is really hard. As we saw with the changes to kraken this past balance, unintended side-effects can sneak into a seemingly harmless fix. In this example, turning off tranq from reducing flight speed (because it’s being dragged down instead) turned off the flight speed reduction during casting. OOPS!

And this is a minor problem. Coding incorrectly can cause faults, memory leaks, all sorts of bad stuff! Freeze from a game with a behemoth in it recently? That’s a coding error… and it’s a pain in the butt to find.

So give them some time, the coders are likely crying over spent tissue boxes and empty monster cans trying to work out these issues. I ASSURE YOU, they want it to be done just as fast as you so they can move on to making new content or even just enjoying the game instead.


Can’t help but notice this is still a problem…
Almost lost because of this shit. I love this game, but there’s too many bugs.
Over a month and still not fixed? Shame.


Are you playing on console or PC? Because the bug should be fixed on PC, and the next title update will fix it on the consoles, I believe… =)


Xbox… so I’ll be waiting a while longer.