Sunny Shield Drone prevents Slim's healing bugs from attaching


Friends and I were working on Slim’s 2 star rez mastery when we found this bug (also I’m just going to put in that most of the new hunter mastery requirements are RIDICULOUS, and take more time when they actually work properly than the old ones that you guys fixed recently). We found out that while under the affects of the shield drone, Slim couldn’t apply his bugs to the downed person. He was able to target them on him but after they were released they will never reach the target until the shield drone either swaps to someone else or it falls off naturally.

We haven’t tested this with Hank’s shield gun but it is definitely repeatable with Slim’s little drones 100% of the time.


Was the person with the shield taking damage, because taking damage kills the bug.


They were not, as I said we saw this in a private game trying to level the masteries. We had the monster stop attacking to retest this. As long as the beam remained on them, bugs would not attach.