Sunny shield drone elite mastery


Anyone have a trick to advancing this? I’ve tried multiple things and still don’t even have one point towards it.
3k shielding in one match is not easy to get because it’s based on what the monster does and what the hunters do both.
I think the most I have ever shielded in one match was like 2900 and that was on Nest where I was fighting the monster with one other person and the battle dragged out.


If it’s that much trouble, just don’t shoot your nuke. Throw your drone and focus on jetpacking injured people away. As long as your people aren’t dying horribly, you should get at least a point a match that way.


Well I don’t seem to fight stage 3 monsters a lot either except on Defend. That definitely makes a difference as well.
I tried solo Defend and just let the bots fight the monster I still struggled to get even close to 3k shielding. I’ll have to mess with it some more.


The easy way to ‘farm’ this on Defend against Bots is to put you shield drone down at the start of the match within LoS of the generator. When the Minions show up and start beating on the generator, jump in front of them. Their hits count towards the damage shielded number.


exactly how i did it


Ya its really reliant on monsters focusing people with the shield, which good players will simply not do