Sunny Shield Drone bug since latest patch


I experienced this bug twice since the latest patch, and never before.

If Sunny puts a new drone up while old is still up, it’ll sometimes ‘create’ an invisible, indestructible shield drone in the location of the previous one. I just had a game with Behemoth against Sunny on Orbital Drill, and the shield beam kept coming from thin air some 50m away and shielding people while the actual drone was some 20 meters away from me. At times there were two shields active on either different or the same player, and even when there was no shield drone(I destroyed the one that was close to me) their team kept getting shielded from an invisible drone further away. I won in the end, but that was an extremely annoying game.


I haven’t experienced this but if I had its already hard enough for me to play Behemoth so I would’ve rage quit xD


I have however experienced another bug with the shield drone that allows her to have her own infinite personal shield.


We know stop talking about it so people dont figure it out and abuse it -.-


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’re aware of it and are working toward a resolution for it.