Sunny Progression bug


So sunny 3rd star seems to be bugged for me… It says to boost for 20 seconds in one match 20 times. So i played 5 matches and got 40+ seconds per match with no progression gain. Help??/ Fix


This has happened to me as well. I was just doing a little farming for Sunny’s mastery and the Booster and Shield Drone were both at 10 or so. I was very careful to make sure I earned three “Gotcha Covered” medals each time (thus earning one point to the drone) and one “Power Aid” medal (thus earning one point to the Booster). There were times when I would get a point to the drone but nothing to the booster and when I checked the Performance it would say I had at least 20 seconds to it.

It doesn’t matter too much because I will get it eventually - the bug only seems to happen once in a while. Once I master her, it’ll become a non-issue.