Sunny patch 8.0 discussion


I just don’t get the idea that TRS designed great support characters, and nerf EVERYONE of them!!!

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[quote=“Artificial_Pro_, post:19, topic:81868”]
many people who overly abused it everyone is punished
[/quote]If there is an aspect of a character, map, whatever, that can be abused then it absolutely should be adjusted accordingly. At absolute worst right now Sunny is perhaps at Hank’s current level (though, we’ll need time to assess that accurately) in which case she’ll still be one of the two top Support characters in the entire game due to her utility, and to top that off she still has a good damage per-shot value. A value that I would personally argue is still too high.

Bucket didn’t get buffed in this patch, so he’s still terribad, Cabot is still sitting in solid mediocrity, and it’s too early to accurately judge how good Kala is.

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MG imo is not as strong as OG, esp since his focus game is weak.

That’s just my opinion of him, he’s pretty balanced.

Kraken though yea, you’re right he’s 100% OP, pretty much always has been.


Nah, her Mini-Nukes are still 165DMG/Shot, which I’d personally argue is still too much.


Yeah, I know how that feels. I only ever play pubs, but it seems there are only good players on when I decide to be on, and they either decimate us or we win with luck or by a hair. Definitely not a great player myself.

Always felt she was perfectly fine until I began to experiment more with Monster. Getting slaughtered 25+ times in a row with chase comp changed my mind.


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Eh I never really cared much about her damage personally, her utility was the problem before.

We’ll see if it’s a bit much but I’m hoping that she’s finally balanced.

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She does 165 per shot (I think), but she’s never on the Mini-Nuke unless the Booster is recharging. It’s decent if that’s all you use, but she’s got such excellent utility that I never really use it.


[quote=“Yuu_Otosaka, post:29, topic:81868”]
but the defence and utility she brings is probably enough to outweigh the lower damage.
[/quote]That’s pretty much my reasoning as to why I still think 165 damage/shot is still a tad too high. But it’s early days yet, give it a couple of weeks for people to adjust to the newest balance alterations, and we’ll see.

[quote=“Trollogrefey, post:30, topic:81868”]
We’ll see if it’s a bit much but I’m hoping that she’s finally balanced.
[/quote]Here’s to hoping!
Maybe they’ll finally start buffing Bucket and Cabot now.


I think its perfect now, since she is a support she is not meant to do damage like an assault and with her kit she shouldn’t be sitting on her mini-nuke the whole time too.


[quote=“Nasha842, post:32, topic:81868”]
Maybe they’ll finally start buffing Bucket
[/quote]Ehhhh, I’m not holding my breath.


Neither am I, to be honest. But you never know.


And promptly nerfed him again. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some stuff next update, but I won’t be disappointed if we don’t


Playing against a slim, Cabot, wasteland Maggie, and torvald comp, I got wrecked as kraken twice in a row the other day. Cabot seems balanced right now if used properly and sufficiently.


Well, I let my hype kill me in advance, so my heart is already broken if we didn’t get something we wanted.


[quote=“Yuu_Otosaka, post:36, topic:81868”]
Does Cabot need buffs? He feels a little weak against the Kraken seeing as that monster has godlike burst and in combat mitigation through flight, but he’s a decent pick against Goliath, Gorgon and Behemoth.
[/quote]His last set of nerfs were completely unwarranted, so yes, he does. Top that off with the fact that he has some of the worst, if not the worst self-synergy in the entire game and he falls pretty damn short as a Support. It’s why I say he’s in a state of “solid mediocrity” because whilst he can be made to work, at best, near-immaculate play from a team will shave seconds off of a game if the monster isn’t a complete idiot.


He’s actually one of the worst medics in the game (pre-patch) and especially against kraken. Hence why I was so frustrated and sad when their stage 1 dome took away 3/4 of my health :frowning:


I don’t think Dust Tag was ever nerfed, was it? It’s been pretty sub-par for as long as I can remember, actually.


I dunno. If a Kraken plays the way they should, at max height and long range, Slim can just murder him. Spores at range block both forms of finding Hunters - smell and (obviously) sight. He can also keep you that way and force you to land and tank damage for damage.

With the update, he’s actually much better. I imagine he’s getting a small nerf next patch, though. He’s now a very reliable healer, though he still sucks for self-sustain.

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He’s alright, just a bit underpowered. Also the state of the game gives it that appearance, witht he way that it makes defensive supports better than the offensive ones. he’s balanced, it’s just that defense trumps offense in this game unfortunately.

Cabbage is always more fun to play with and against than hank hank hank sunny sunny sunny sunny