Sunny patch 8.0 discussion


My friends from Europe got the new update and played with sunny in ranked. With so many meteor Goliaths and krakens, the new sunny isn’t viable anymore ;( She can only provide three boosts of jetpack which take just as long to charge as four jetpack boosts did, and now boosting at a slower rate makes their boost directions predictable. Then with the shield drone health Nerf it is destroyed instantly meaning she can’t even shield anymore :frowning: guess I have to quit using sunny on ranked ;( I’ll see for myself how Kala is tomorrow when the update is released on ps4 north america. At least all of the monster players got what they wanted. sigh
Edit: I want to make it clear I’m not going to rage over this like I did before and many of you have seen me do so. I just want to have a conversation as towards what you guys think, I also am being very open minded about your opinions and thoughts. I also gave my personal opinion about the nerf in reply 81.


As a Goliath main, sounds like heaven.


Agree with that. She is beatable but GOD DAMN!!! was it hard to do so lol


Sounds like your friends are overreacting. What they dod to Sunny is barely even a nerf to me. It just means you have to be more careful with your boosts. Its the same thing as with the orbital barrage nerf, its easy to get around the same amount of effectiveness as prenerf as long as you are playing smart.


Sunny isn’t useless. The nerf hit her kind of hard (I don’t understand why they nerfed shield drone/nuke but whatever) but she’s not useless.
She was never very good against Kraken because he hardly has to lift a finger to remove her shield drone. Just pop a vortex and it’s gone.

She’s still viable, just not crazy overpowered anymore. :slight_smile:


Now the boosts can only be used to actually DODGE abilities. If the medic uses 2 or 3 boosts just to re position you’re going to have a bad time.


FINALLY took long enough TRS!


I’ve seen a couple people say stuff about this. Interested in seeing how it actually affects her. This brings her to how I used the kit anyways. I doubt I’ll be able to discern that she’s truly weaker, aside from the completely obvious. 10% thrust wasn’t that much, in hindsight, especially considering you’re still 40% faster.

In any case, Sunny will always be viable, simply because she brings two form of utility to the table, and one of them is entirely hands-free.


Her shield drone might as well be non existent with MG’s fire breath and krakens vortex


Those killed it before the most recent nerf.


I know, but now its even easier… Three melees is all it takes as well, or one heavy and one light, which i guess is fair, but why the jetpack booster Nerf ;/


I know what you mean


The jetpack needed a nerf. The shield drone… not so much.


Because it’s actually not fair to completely avoid damage. Nerfing the booster allows for the Monster to get damage in at one point, instead of burning armor, health, and traversals to land something.

Before this patch, I had zero trouble playing keep-away (hate doing it, but it’s something Sunny players should learn anyways), and keeping teammates alive more than some Medics could. It’s hell for any Monster player, even experienced ones. A nerf was in order, because it’s easily the best utility in the game, and was abused. It’s now more fair to use and fight.

As of this patch, the Booster is something that’s slightly more skill-based than something someone can pick up and use well.

I think the Shield Drone should stay the way it is right now. I feel this is a good spot for it. Monsters still waste an ability and time, so it serves its purpose.


I understand it needed a Nerf, for Goliath players it was too hard to get away from the chase comp and I realize this now but as from many people who overly abused it everyone is punished now and now everybody hates sunny instead of respecting her like I do, coming from a hunter and monster player. I strongly dislike how they nerfed her but added no counterplay. Her shield drone is now easier to kill, okay fair enough so be it. But now that she can only provide three boosts at a slower rate there is nothing to add counterplay such as a removal of the recharge delay or decrease the time it takes to charge to 100%. Without these nerfs there could’ve been so many better options such as a charge time it takes to throw out the drone, or an increase in charge time on her jetpack booster instead of nerfing the capacity. I feel like TRS set out these nerfs to satisfy complaints without fully thinking all of this through.


That’s how life works, we live with the mistakes of the few.


You’re right, I actually agree with everything you say. I’m just very disappointed that now we have to sit and watch everyone board the “MG and kraken OP train”. Without any counter to these monsters. Again I’m only silver expert so I’m definitely no pro at this game but a lot of the monster players I verse are higher skill than me there for sunny felt balanced to me before this patch.


I just don’t get the idea that TRS designed great support characters, and nerf EVERYONE of them!!!


[quote=“Artificial_Pro_, post:19, topic:81868”]
many people who overly abused it everyone is punished
[/quote]If there is an aspect of a character, map, whatever, that can be abused then it absolutely should be adjusted accordingly. At absolute worst right now Sunny is perhaps at Hank’s current level (though, we’ll need time to assess that accurately) in which case she’ll still be one of the two top Support characters in the entire game due to her utility, and to top that off she still has a good damage per-shot value. A value that I would personally argue is still too high.

Bucket didn’t get buffed in this patch, so he’s still terribad, Cabot is still sitting in solid mediocrity, and it’s too early to accurately judge how good Kala is.


MG imo is not as strong as OG, esp since his focus game is weak.

That’s just my opinion of him, he’s pretty balanced.

Kraken though yea, you’re right he’s 100% OP, pretty much always has been.