Sunny mini-nuke grenade exploit/cheat


I couldn’t find info on this so I hope I’m not the first to encounter this - but I just got walloped as a Wraith against a pre-made team of hunters. Sunny killed me single-handedly at LVL1 because her grenade launcher had no reload sequence. I had no idea what was going on but after three warps I could avoid it no longer, I went from full health to death in about 10 seconds, as her grenade launcher was firing like a machine gun. I wanted to report the guy but don’t see any option to do that.

Anyway it made me rage-quit because wha’ts the point of playing if your opponent is cheating? I don’t understand why people do this.


Yeah, cheaters are no fun. For themselves and for other people

@MacMan @SlabOMeat


I bet this was on PC right? Damm hackers


Yea I ran into the exact same problem as well. We just thought it was bugged until he switched to monster and played kraken. Vortex spam with no cooldown for days.

Goddamn cheaters, what do they get out of free wins? I will never understand.


This is why I play competitive games on console. Obviously, PC master race, but I don’t have to deal with this stuff.


We hate cheating too. We are actively working on this.


Exploits are one thing, and they’re bad enough, but to go out of to your way to hack the game and make yourself invincible? The only skills he has are with hacking.


oc therefore no one gets a ban… we see how you threat hackers.


Clears throat

As a professional douche bag Hacker I am appauld by these attitudes towards my kind!

We just want to win like everybody else! Why is it so wrong to make sure I gain the uppermost hand?

Sure I suck at life, making friends, hand-eye coordination in games known as “skill” and a large number of things that make me sad and fat and lonely… cries… but damn it I will do the one thing that I’m good at and that’s being a dick and giving people the sad face over the internet! Because it’s manly and not cowardly!

Fear me and hear my roar!


(Note: Please note I’m on SeXbox and not for cereal! Cereal takes away from my game time in the morning.)



@ArPharazon Please pretty please with tacos on top, update the known bug list, its been more than a month. That’s all I ask.


I passed your words along to someone who has the big picture. Thanks for letting me know; and I’ve learned that we are working on that list, it’s not forgotten, and we’ll update when we can.


Right, because gamesave hacking isn’t a thing on consoles.

Remember this?

Perhaps you should do some googling. I’ve never done it, but editing game saves is trivial on console.

There’s a massive Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel modding / duping / editing scene.


Those where modded lobby’s setup by people who had their xbox jtaged sp that they could run modified software. On next gen consoles this is impossible


Go suck an egg man. What did antagonizing this programmer really gain this thread?

Could you fix these issues faster yourself? If so then do it for us :slight_smile:


well… they sell this game with VAC, sorry to disappoint you… but it is not my job. they get the money for this.


Well if you can’t be helpful don’t be unhelpful. Life tip :slight_smile:


VAC isn’t a panacea, but it is part of what we’re doing. There are other measures to take besides, and those are more my thing. I spend about half my time on those. Ironically, though I enjoy it, having to work on security takes me away from other things like fixing graphics bugs or helping the game load faster. So what they’re doing actually causes you double harm.


And Borderlands 2 / Pre-sequel can be modded by exporting the save data to a USB drive, editing it and then putting it back on the console.

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