Sunny mastery progression borked in solo mode?


I just played a couple solo games and at the end of the rounds I got 0 mastery credit for Sunny’s second star masteries. Even though I got 5 of the “jetpack boost for 10 seconds” awards in one of the rounds, most of which was while fighting the monster, I got 0 points. It seemed like my shield drone was doing a fair amount of work as well, and I don’t believe I got any points toward it either.

I wasn’t paying as much attention to the shield drone mastery since it’s actually accruing fast enough during regular play, but trying to farm some of those jetpack points is the only reason I was doing the solo game to begin with. Do the characters you’re boosting actually have to be USING the jetpack? I know that wasn’t the case for the first star, so I assumed it would work the same way for the second star, just in combat this time.

I also know that the progression isn’t TOTALLY broken because I’ve managed a few points from normal games, but I don’t think I have ever gotten 0 points toward it except for just now in solo games.