Sunny Mastery Bug


I’ve been trying to keep the necessary people informed where i can if i find a bug that annoys me, but I’ve been having difficulty reaching anyone’s ears with this bug.

When i play Evolve, currently, I usually have to play offline b/c my internet’s going through a “rough patch” for reasons unknown to myself. If i had my choice, i would be getting Mastery for characters in PvP, but i have to make do with what I’ve been given.

onto the point: OP - When i’m playing as Sunny and trying to get Mastery of her Jetpack Booster, currently trying to get the Tier 2/2-star/Expert? perk where you have to use the Jetpack Booster in combat on an ally. Find Monster, engage monster, place drone, pick an ally, Jetpack Boost them. Continue until dry, check drone, attack monster w/nuke, wait until reloaded, repeat.

The problem with this is, after having finished the match, i gain between 2-6 seconds towards the goal regardless of how long i had the beam on an ally while i was in combat (Music playing, Monster attacking allies, shooting the monster, shielding allies… generally things that constitute combat).

The bug is making it frustrating for me to try and gain Elite status on Sunny (she’s the only support i don’t have Elite… Support’s my favorite class : D) since i can’t even move past the 2-star challenge. Even shielding with the drone wasn’t too bad for me once i figured out how to properly utilize the adorable little jerk.

Just need a fix. gonna flag TRS people.

@MacMan @SlabOMeat @MrStrategio

also in case they don’t see it i’m gonna flag @MaddCow since as a mod he’s very likely more in contact with some TRS people than most people.


Try to get hit yourself and then use the boost. I feel that you yourself needs to be ‘in combat’ and not just your team.


I’ve been trying… smacking monster w/nuke and such and taking a bit of damage to the face (since it’s a bot after all) and still not counting : (


I know that when you solo the AI do one REALLY short boost and then stop. So you get drained but it doesn’t stay active. The best way I used it to get my elite was to leash and pull the AIs. Get hit in combat, then start heading backwards tapping each AI once and they should boost.


Thank you for the advice. i’ll give that a shot and update my post if it works so you can lock it and let it float to the bottom.


No worries. That one took a while for me with sunny as well.


I just went to check Sunny (i got a little busy w/other things after our chatting) and I’m gonna go ahead and guess Macman already fixed it and didn’t say anything. i had i wanna say around 60 total seconds out of the 120 required for her to get the 2-star mastery, and when i just went and looked it was finished…

So whether or not it still exists, i can’t check any longer. Feel free to close the thread or leave it open, whatever you think is best.


No worries. I’ll close it as there are other open threads for discussion regarding this. Glad it worked out :slight_smile: