Sunny Master help?


I need tips on 2 star jet pack boost.


How I got it done is basically when you are playing as sunny get to a relatively high area and just jetpack boost your assault into and out of battlte, your trapper out of battle and medic out of battle, I averaged at 12 seconds a game and got it done in no time


I did it on solo mode:
Hunt- Wraith Trap w/ Radioactive Cloud ( Map Effect ).

Stand in the cloud while you use the Jetpack Booster on hunters. You can use the shield bot to keep you alive while inside the cloud.

Sunny's 2 star Jetpack Mastery

Omg Sunny has to be in combat! My poor support was STRUGGLING trying to get this last night.

Personally I’m struggling with Slim’s spore and incaps lol… It’s a third of a dome he has to stand in a cloud…