Sunny + Maggie is the most disgusting thing in the game


Hope you like getting domed 20 seconds after the hunters drop.


This should really be in the main Sunny thread. It’s a common complaint and applies to all Trappers.


Ha, try escaping a boosted Griffin.
So many poons.
So little time.


Add a Val to that equation. I played a match with a good Griffin friend. My tranqs and his poons? We didn’t even have Sunny but that guy was not moving. Three. Consecutive. Domes.


Ugh that is literally my worst nightmare, i got put into a Stage 2, full armor Goli bot, then next thing you know i take control and BAM, Pooned, Tranqed, Mortars, Rockets, the evolve universe just decided to materialize on my screen all at once, and so im off running, scared out of my wits, and It was so downhill from there, no escape, no chance, first time, FIRST TIME EVERRR, i lost to a Val.
No longer shall i view Val as Goliath food.


What makes Maggie special is you can’t sneak against her. You’re guaranteed the most out of Sunny’s boost in the early game.


You can and you should - it’s the only way to beat her tracking. Leave normal tracks in one direction then sneak and circle around in another, and do this often, as well as using water or even acid to cross as much distance as possible whenever possible - Daisy will pick up the scent of high profile tracks before the sneak tracks, and she will follow them to a dead end before she picks up the sneak tracks. On maps with caves or cave-like structures with a ceiling (most of them), eat their first so there’s no chance of carrion birds, and avoid alerting flocks of birds as if your life depends on it. Monster players started just running around like maniacs at the start of a map when Hunters got better at tracking, but you really need to feel out a team first - you can get away with sneaking, juke out Daisy, and make getting to Stage 2 a lot easier. You can’t just run and jump around the map like normal and feed on anything that moves out in the open and expect a team with Sunny/Maggie not to catch up to you.


So, a 2 things for going against this comp:

  • CLEAR DISTANCE QUICKLY!! You can’t afford to stay close to the drop zone with maggie in tow.
  • If they push the trapper way too far out, try to punish them for it. If trapper’s way ahead of the team, knock her out of line of sight (with vortex or charge) then pounce!


I stopped after I got into a game when they buffed her. I was tranq’d for a very large portion of the game.

In the end, I still won it cause mlg.


I couldve pulled the win if i had had my lvl 3 rock throw, but some genius put 3 into charge and only 1 into rock throw


My star build for stage 2, 3 Flame, 2 Leap, 1 Rock.

Didn’t stage 3 that game. I was almost dead too. Pulled the armor out of my ass and took them downtown.

Bought them a freakin’ cappuccino and some souvenirs while we were at it >_>"


Why one rock >_>
I literally need lvl 3 rock, the damage is just soooooo rewarding, makes me feel like a GOD, smiting the ants below me with my rocky justice


I am completely reliant on level three rocks now. I cannot win without Rock Throw.


I rely on chaos, and with the constant influx of flame and leap smashing to death makes sure there is not a second I am not inducing pain.

One rock still does a crap ton of damage too; snipe people from afar then capitalize with a leap or something. I stay very mobile when I fight as Goliath too so there’s that.

@MidnightRoses really? I must be god-tier then, not needing the tier 3 rock throws. I’m probably missing out but eh. So far my build hasn’t failed me.


Rock Throw is Godtier, right up next to Hanks Beard, Sunnys personality, and our lord and savior Val


I dont usually play mobile, thats why Thor is such a bugger for me, i just like pushing someone into a corner then not letting them move cuz im a mean mean monster :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s all about strategy, and playstyle. Mine rely on that insane burst. I could adapt, but I’d have to rethink a lot.

@Quirkly yes. 100%.


We know, its all that the goddam Goliath players do lately. Loads of you go for that Sloth buff as well, getting that nice 80% health damage per hit. They need to nerf that attack with a higher cooldown or reduce the damage a little. There litterally is no escaping it. A few points of extra damage in flame breath wouldn’t hurt either. Now every good Goliath spams rock throw like crazy. You simply pick Leap Smash to drain the jetpack more so you can hit the Rock more often.


Bro you should see me as Monster. I swear I’m never in the same spot, hence why you see me going off on how Torvald is literally not a threat.

I feel like a WWE superstar sometimes, I climb up cliffs just to leap smash off them onto the hunters.


Tell me you’re joking please. Rock Throw + 35% Damage Buff =65.7% of a Hunter’s HP. Still a lot, but nowhere near 80, mate.

Unless you know how to use a jetpack…