Sunny + Maggie comp. A humiliating lose


I’ve been murdered by a team of Val + Sunny + Maggie + Parnell.
It was a terrible match, I have been crushed to death (at stage 3)
The major things that made me lose were:
-Sunny doing round-trips from one platform to another platform, flying very high because of the tank capacity perks and putting her drone everytime without any cooldown (in a changelog, it said that the drone had a longer cooldown, but I don’t see much difference) while this one is as efficient as Hank’s Shield Projector.
-Maggie putting traps non-stop from every side and never switching to the SMG and this combined with Sunny’s JB makes it worse.
-Parnell beeing JB-ed by Sunny on the chase, sticking to me like a leeche in the dome with the SS activated.

Voila quoi, a terrible match I didn’t had since a long time. A “toxic” one in my opinion (i know it’s a strong word, but it’s as I think).

Here’s the video of the match:


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Funny was just watching a tournament match of Source_TV playing against such a comp (however it was Blitzkov instead of Parnell). (it is of two weeks ago though, but here’s the link for your viewing pleasure)

He also used Meteor Goliath.


Hi. May i ask something?

Is this a one match thing or does it happen to you constantly?
If it does, is it with same team comp as the one you mention?

If not, then it just happened, doesn’t mean it’s unbalanced. Cause i have been destroyed by Monsters (i admit in the very few PvP games i had) and i felt like i was butter melting under tons of lava.

I mean, player experience (or skill if you prefer), practice and also luck, count towards the gameplay experience.


It happened to me…I’d say 6 or 8 times in my entire Evolve gaming life. And I think I’ve been facing this sort of comp 3 or 4 times, I don’t know.
I mean’t to say that it’s unbalanced, but it’s humiliating and frustrating.


People tend to use comps that are more efficient, it is reasonable. Yet, i have to say that if it was against a pre-made (with comms) then it seems it is possible.

I soloQ 100% of the time, so it feels natural for me to be losing regardless of how good or bad i am. Also, i know i am just average, or a bit above it, but certainly not skilled. I guess i am trying to say, is it perhaps you overestimate yourself, especially if you think others may be on pre-mades, which is the strongest team comp in any game actually.

In any case, i would say to you that don’t give up, we mediocre SoloQ’ers are all over the place to be eaten alive. :slight_smile:


I think it was a group, instead of a pub team, which I hate. That’s why I was mad when I lost against them, it’s because I think it was a group. The devs showed the win/loss rate when a group is made in a match instead of pubs, and it’s higher for the hunters than the monsters if this one is facing a coordinated team of 4 guys (in an update, the win/loss rate changed a lot while facing coordinated groups of people, which makes it balanced, expect for 4 people compared to 3 and 2).

I sometimes surestimated myself, expect when I saw the name of some players like the medic you see in the video I recorded. In that case, I know that I’ve been beaten multiple times without winning against a player, so I do what I can to get my “revenge”:torvald:.
If it’s a hacker that “beat” me, I just have to report him and “after 9 years of analyze, hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait”.

My dad said to me: “les francais sont des râleurs, on est tous des râleurs” “The frenches are grumpy, we are all grumpy” and he’s probably right on my case.


I watched up to shortly after the second dome. And I’ll admit that Sunny definitely seemed to play well. But there were also things that it looked like you could’ve done better, no offense.

First I noticed was that you seemed to switch focus a lot. There were a couple of times in the first fight that it looked like you could’ve downed a hunter if you had stayed on them just a little bit longer. Parnell is the one example that I can remember that it seemed like that on one or two occasions. There were times where you were so close, but you switched off to somebody else or you tried to get away or reposition.

Second was when you were trying to escape. It seemed as though if you were to just stay on the path ahead of you then you would’ve been able to make much more distance between them then what you did. There were at least two times where you tried to circle them around a building, but it seemed like it wasn’t effective because you were running back into their line of sight before they ran around the building/object.

Lastly was with the healing meteors. I know this is very map specific, but after your second dome you were trying to escape when you decided to stop and wait on some healing meteors. I know that they can give a decent chunk of armor, but I think that time would’ve been used much more effectively to create distance. Then you could feed which would fill armor and your evolve bar.

Those are a few things that I noticed that might help you have a better time next time


They pretty much doubled the time it takes for a new drone to be fully charged. It can make a huge difference if you are very good a destroying the drones as soon as she places them because then she has a cooldown until she can place a new one. I will admit though you won’t notice too much of a difference if you aren’t destroying them before the shields are charged because at that point her cooldown time will be finished.

Sorry that was a little long, but I hope it helps!


That’s because I didn’t wanted to stay in Parnell’s line of sight and get some time for my armor to recover if he is distant enought, I never do that usually, but it was an exception.

It’s because I give up focusing the hunter I focus because I think that he/she isn’t gonna get a strike even if I focus him/her to death because of Sunny’s drone combined with Val’s medgun.
Sunny’s drone is a strong placable object and also a way to distract me, that’s why I cannot hit Sunny enough to reduce by 2/3 her health. She puts drones to distract me and gain time.

It’s because I thought that he still had his personal shield ready.

Anyway, I don’t think I could have won even if I was able to do the perfect moves and without mistakes.
And even if I could have won with Bob (especially because of the fissure’s effective use on placable object), I prefered to play Meaty because he was part of a daily challenge.


No offense but, I dont see any OP Hunters here, I just see a Monster which can improve on his gameplay.

  • Stay on one target (focus)
  • Save Fire for drone, its never up then
  • Hit your abilities, when a lot of abilities are missed then it will be hard
  • 0:17 wtf its just wildlife work on your aim and try to predict better
  • First dome: A lot abilitiy missing, dont rely on that fire breath that much, try to hit better with the other abbilities
  • You need combos: Leap => Charge -> Rock
  • You need a movement perk you are very slow
  • 3:15 wtf, dont eat now run! And why are you fighting now? This was a gift to the hunters
  • You have no feeding route, it takes ages for the first Evolve
  • 3:50 Why sneaking now? I dont get it?
  • That Evolve place, do not Evolve where you dont want to fight!
  • Dont give the hunters everytime that much time to prepare in the dome
  • Dont hit the drone further after you set it on fire, just let it burn, dont waste your time
  • 12:43, WHY FIRE? One Rock and then Leap, Bam Support would be down!
  • Last fight, fire for shield drone, shield drone is always up


I can’t do all of this in the same match! I’m not the perfect player!
I was stressed when I was fighting so I did things that I don’t do usually.

I currently lost a
of matches because of non-pub players, so I’m quite unhappy right now, it tired me to a point that I could be able to take a break of Evolve until tomorrow (yes, I play Evolve everyday…literaly).


Of course not. And here, you just chanced upon a premade that knows how to use their comp very effectively. That doesn’t make it OP, but it doesn’t make you a bad monster either.

Not everyone has the time or the effort to put into becoming a very good monster/hunter player and that’s perfectly alright…You just have to hope not to find too many groups like this again.


I haven’t really talked about anything OP or UP, but yeah the team I fought against relied on plenty of tactics that annoyed me.


I think I know what disadvantaged me, my ms was very high because of my sister transfering her data from her old computer to her new one via wireless transfer, plus downloading WoW. A monster player with a high ping will see his movements slowed down (traversal, time needed for an ability to activate, feeding, pounce, etc…)