Sunny jp booster is *frakking* ridiculous for trapping

I don’t care about dodging in combat or any of the other annoying things with sunny, but can we PLEASE tone down the recharge on the jp booster? I’m tired of darting across the entire map at breakneck speed to evolve and still having the damn trapper easily dome me.

I’m tired of baiting a dome but having the trapper jet across the map anyways.

I’m tired of trying to bait use out of the jp booster, only to realize it recharges insanely quickly so doing so is pretty much pointless.

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If he’s going that fast, just sneak around a corner and the second he comes by, give him a nice big hug, aka a pounce. Generally that’ll get him at least half down by the time the rest of his team can catch up.


You could tone down your hostility in making this point – one to grow on.


Generally the team can easily catch up because of the recharge time on the booster. I can keep my team split 2 and 2 pretty easily with the jp booster.

thanks Dr Phil

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You’re welcome.

The mods don’t generally frown on contextual cursing, but putting it right there in the thread title creates a toxic environment, and I was trying to help you out, but yeah, I will definitely go fuck myself.


If the Trapper catches up to you after you’ve-

-then guess where his team is? Oh they’ll catch up, but it’s s free kill. There is no excuse for failing to down him in this scenario.

And yes, toxic behavior is frowned upon. One of the mods already edited your title.



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XD The look on that guy’s face…


Not too unlike my own when I read his initial response. :laughing:

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working as intended :relaxed:

haha! I love the way you “censored” the curse word in the title @TheMountainThatRoars . xD

Though, If it’s not a too horrible Crow, Gobi will reveal to him your hugging plan.



Hydraulic Fracturing?
I bet I was the only one who knew what fracking is ;-;

To the topic, the jp booster is sadly working as intended. Just look out for the soaring Trappers!

I definitely assumed it for the Battlestar Galactica reference!


Correct! :wink:

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Whooo! Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I better stop before I get beat up for derailing this VIP topic. :laughing:

The new wave of hunters basically made playing monster suck just a little bit more.

As a hunter who mains support and loves to pick Sunny for her flexibility she comes with a catch, take her down and her complete tactic fails to bits. This does not help with the jetpack boosts however that help catch any monster 10x quicker. Like it has been said before me, try to kill those flying trappers that go in a little too quick. When we underestimate the monster our trapper has two strikes at the relay most of the time. Just a small focus from the monster and he play’s against 3 hunters.

The think on Sunny’s jetpack boost that needs a nerf is the speed. Jetpack boost is good for catching up teammates and avoiding attacks (or getting into combat faster). The speed and distance it covers now is far more than enough for evasion, so good that it can be toned down a little. The speed and distance for a trapper are insane. Catch the 75% capacity increase and the trapper can fly 7!! times, thats almost 150 meters in a matter of seconds. If Sunny positions herself well every time, she can boost the whole team. If you juked the trapper pre-patch the trapper had to turn around and is now the last player in the team. With Sunny, the trapper isn’t and a juke isn’t as rewarding. Hunters finally have a way to counter the monsters who learned this trick and kept using it, but at this moment it’s to fast. A full charge at “safe” range from the trapper to the monster will get the monster domed 4/5 times. He is in the dome all alone at this point, but if played right the dome is in the hunters favor because of the early dome.

This is why the speed of the boost needs to be chanced. The jetpack “leaps” through the air can be 40% slower and still seem realistic, keeping the power of the boost and not lose the evasion it packs. Touching the recharge speed will effect in-dome evasion making it pretty bad next to the unreliable shield.