Sunny jetpack booster bug


Hey, I didn’t see this posted anywhere but I’m pretty sure it’s a bug: if you reach the flight ceiling with Sunny’s boost, but don’t use all the boost getting there, you can stay there forever. I have a few videos of this, seemed to be easy to reproduce:

Unlimited jetpack boost on Lazarus

So thats how they did that, had a crow sniping me from the entire map, good to know it wasnt a hacker i suppose


Well… That needs a fix. o_o


More disturbing that its not a hacker since any odd pair that knows about it can reproduce it >.<


Definitely needs a fix.


Me and some guys came across this earlier but we didn’t have to reach the ceiling. Just hold down space, go as high as you want and then hover there by letting go of space intermittently. Broken as hell. It’s way too powerful for scouting or shooting the monster from miles away.

To be clear it uses up your own jetpack fuel but doesn’t use up any of sonny’s boost. That just stays yellow and completely full. You can hover indefinitely :-/

Hopefully this is not intended.