Sunny Jet Pack Boost


Sunny’s jet pack boost should be nerfed just like Caira’s speed boost was nerfed.

Caira’s speed boost was nerfed so you could catch up to the monster for a dome OR run away from the monster in the dome.
Sunny’s jet pack should be used to catch up to the monsetr OR run away from the monster in the dome. What do you guys think?


Her mini-nuke launcher just got nerfed by 25% damage. I think it’s fine to keep her utility if they nerf her ONLY damage source.


you know mathew is the writer for all the lore and voicework right?..


Sunny’s jetpack boost is fine. She can be countered easily. If she boosts the trapper 100 meters to dome you, kill the trapper. She basically kills her team with it. You only need to tag once as well, and as @kyronr600 said, he (Mathew) doesn’t handle nerfs.


Not if she boosts the medic with him/her. Also will have full jetpack fuel when they get there to dodge around.


If she boosts the trapper 100 meters, she cannot do the same to the medic.


With Capacity perk she can get them close enough and there really isn’t a reason to not pick capacity or recharge for the jetpack booster


Even so, its not THAT op.


I’d consider a guaranteed dome kinda game breaking but thats just me


Trapper comes in, rock throw him, two birds with one stone, you troll the trapper, and you get progress towards trapper challenge, if wraith, just abduct into sneak pounce, if behemoth, lick him to death, if kraken, just, do the kraken.


He’ll still have full jetpack and just dodge around until the team gets there. Will also deploy the dome when he’s just out of your smell range and then your stuck on one side of it while he laughs on the other side till his team shows up and starts fighting you


If you deploy the dome when you are out of smell range, you will miss, fyi smell range is 70m, dome is 60.


No. Jetpack boost is fine. If you can’t kill the trapper before the team gets there, then you deserve to be domed.


Either way that is only ten meters that he can just walk forward and throw the dome. Smell has to travel that distance and by the time it hits him he’ll have deployed the dome.

Rock throw, abduct, and tongue grab are pretty easy to dodge with some jetpack boosts. Tongue grab range is pretty small unless you max it. Abduct is probably the easiest to dodge and wastes a few seconds when you do. Rock throw is probably the easiest to doge out of the 3.

Majority of these domes will be at stage one so unless you max one of your abilities its doubtful you’ll down him before his team gets there and is on your ass for the rest of the game. You simply won’t have the damage


Dude, stop playing these “if” scenarios…


They aren’t really “ifs” they’re things that will happen and don’t change the fact that Sunny negates the fun of playing the trapper


I can easily say, multiple monster counters back, but then you’d just as easily counter with your own what if scenarios and it’d just be a viscous cycle. I never have these issue so I’d like to think you wouldn’t either. Are you really having this much trouble with her? Must I make a twitch account to show you how it’s done??? (Not bragging, I just don’t get peoples deal with T4 at times)


Guaranteed domes on top of a shield drone that requires virtually no input on her part while she helps the team evade all damage is too much


Caira was actually nerfed because it also increased her survivibilty even more with her self healing. I don’t actually think caira needed that NERF.

Sunny can’t use jet pack boost on herself and you can focus her easily unlike caira, it also leaves her behind the team.


Lets not discuss ways of countering Sunny or any of her weaknesses. Lets just demand she get nerfed into the ground so we can go back to fighting Hank all the time.