Sunny jet boost is always 100%


Sunny jetboost is not affected by capacity perk or mastery any more

It shows its 100% but it should be 110% with elite mastery

It should be 154% with capacity perk 40% approximately but it shows 100% on the device


As stated in your other bug reports, do you have any visual evidence to provide to the devs :D?


While Evidence is always nice the OP did kinda just state what the problem is. If anything it says “100%” but it actually holds the extra capacity. Not like a picture would help so yeah a vid would help but also a simple “Log in, start game with Sunny with Perk.” would work too.

Now OP, when you boost someone when you have Capacity on how much energy does the jump drain? If it’s anything less than 1/3 of the capacity then you’re good and you’re getting the benefit of the Perk and Mastery.


No need

Just start the game and pick sunny


I think this might be intentional. When they were nerfing her capacity, it displayed 70%, so they changed the code to display 100% even though. You probably have 59% more boosts, but in fact, you have 100% of your available capacity when it is full.
Technically it is right to always display 100%, but I agree it might be confusing and maybe better to display 110%, 140% or 159%.


Choosing Capacity does not increase the time it takes to fully charge. It charges the battery in the same time.


There is no recharge RATE, there is a recharge TIME, which means it will always recharge to 100% in the same time (unless reload perk), no matter how big the capacity.


So in theory, Capacity also increases how fast a battery recharges, it won’t fully charge faster, but since it’s charging at the same speed but a bigger battery, you get more battery faster.


Let’s assume the recharge battery takes 8 seconds

If you increase the battery by 40% … It is the same 8 second to recharge it fully

That means the recharge rate is higher on capacity than normal capacity



Calm down sir! SIR!!! BACK AWAY FROM THE LOGIC!!!

We’ve kinda gone over this somewhere once before in another thread.

Short of it is this.

If it’s a Recharge type tool/weapon Capacity is overall better than Reload because yes Capacity also acts as a Reload for Recharge gear.


This is true, it’s been proven actually.


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Yes true … Just though about it lol


It takes 20 seconds to recharge all of your capacity.
Yes, the recharge rate is 40% faster with capacity, but 42.86% with reload perk.


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We’ve gone over it and what someone else said saying that it’s a Recharge Time pretty much makes it all make sense.


I do appreciate all the response guys

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can you explain if the mastery - capacity will affect the jet boost even though it show 100% … Just to make sure it’s not a bug that will affect sunny


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I never noticed anything that indicates how much capacity he has on the shield. I only saw it on the LC.


Never mind :smile: … my mistake


Well it’s working fine for me, and I’m on XBone, same as you. Could you please maybe make a video proving what you’re saying?