Sunny issue

Or people could just learn to fight them. I don’t think they’re OP anymore after the nerf. I just think they’re newb hunters, in that T4 hunters generally don’t take all that much skill to use. So right out of the gate, people are pretty sufficient with them because they’re easy to use. Naturally, Monster players aren’t ready to fight new characters that people are already somewhat “proficient” with.

I think people should stop whining and just go solo with T4 until they’re better, since really, those people complaining are ruining both the game and the community.

I’m really really glad that Sunny apparently deals less damage now. Bucket should be the highest damage dealing support. That should be a law. :blush:

Honestly though as bad as it could possibly still be. I’ve played games with sunny and seen monsters plough though the shield to take people out or just knock them until they brake line of sight. At least no more Laz hating though right?