Sunny issue

As nice as it is that sunny got her gun nerf. I think that shield drone really need a nerf, and by nerf I mean increased arm time as well as increased shield charge or less life or something. Cuz really, for what the thing shields it recharges way o quickly or has way to much life, it’s honestly ridiculous especially since she does have a jet pack booster and not to mention the strongest gun in the game.

It has the highest DPS per shot. It is not the strongest. Not by any means.


Wait what? It has the highest damage per second per shot? How does that make sense?

But uh… no. The shield drone is worse than Hank’s in every possible way. There’s no reason to nerf it. If you’re having trouble against it I can provide a list of good counters. Just ask. Or if you prefer you can join the masses of ignorant cry babies screaming OP. Choice is yours.


So what happens when sunny starts stacking drones? The drone is not worse than hank at all it has the same capacity and range but can shield full damage at 20% it only takes maybe 2 seconds to start shielding and she can still boost you.Sunny needs to be brought down a bit because as it stands shes and auto dome for the trapper, and the shield can be spammed.

Hahah yah good try, how is it worse than hanks? She can stack it so its floating high up, it auto shields while sunny still gets to attack and it takes maybe 2-3 seconds to arm and it has a farther reach than hanks shield. And shields more as well as just charges and shields on its own accord. So again, good try lol

  1. the stacking is a bug or exploit. yes, that should be fixed at some point.
  2. pretty sure it has to fully charge the first time. after that it can shield at 20% It takes about 10 seconds to get it out and have it start shielding.
  3. It has no way to anticipate the first attack on a hunter. It only shields after. Hank can shield that. Which makes his so much better. The jetpack beam is there to allow her to help a 2 strike hunter avoid a level 3 rock throw that would kill them because the drone wont shield it.
  4. The auto dome trapper… as you put it… is very easily countered. And the monster gets a strike on the trapper for doing so.
  5. Didn’t think an ability that takes 7-10 seconds to use could be classified as “spamable” but whatever.

/sigh… do you even know what you’re talking about? it doesn’t have farther reach. Its the same…It also has the same capacity as far as I’m aware…

btw it really doesn’t matter how long its arm time is because if you’re sitting there destroying it every time it starts shielding, you’re being an idiot and giving the hunters free damage. Congratulations.


Roughly nine seconds of set-up time during which it cannot shield.

Never shields the first hit. If line of sight to the target is broken even for a fraction of a second, another hit gets through.

Cannot be quickly repositioned in a fight.

Objectively worse than Hank’s.

Exploit. Being removed soon.

Even including this, Sunny is approximately equal to Hank in terms of damage-dealing capability.

Seven. Not counting the roughly two seconds it takes to switch to and deploy it.



Its AI is terrible and easily abused. This is not a strength.

You know nothing about Sunny.


My favorite posts are when people compare sunnys shield drone to being “just as good” or “waaayy better” than Hank’s.

The people that say this have obviously never faced a good Hank. I can keep my team literally invincible. Who cares how much damage I’m not doing while I have my shield up.

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shield drone is only vs goliath strong.

NOOOOOO NO MORE i cant take another nerf ill get a grand mal seizure and then CANCER NO MORE PLEASE

Can we also get a NERF on the carrion birds they’re OP and I never even make it to stage 2 because they just kill me instantly


sunny’s shield is OP atm, just give her a 7 second cooldown till she can summon another one, theres a reason everyone picks her, shes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good :smirk:

someone bring out the chart of winnings with sunny, and how many ppl use her, i wanna see how sunny defenders try to come out with an answer against facts :smirk:

So many people are using all of the T4 right now. Most of them are trying to get masteries done.

I usually break line of sight and the shield can’t block damage.

Sunny’s damage was decreased immensely by 25%.

I’ve finished my mastery with her and now I use hank or Cabot more than sunny.

The only thing about Sunny’s shield drone that I think should be changed is how much health it has. It should be relatively easy to break for a monster and the monster should not get punished for trying to destroy it.

dont worry your wrong, sunny is strong, we all make mistakes :wink:

Oh yes, I’m wrong. Because my experience with her and against her has never been as bad as the town criers make her seem. I can win and lose with and I beat her and be beaten by her. Just always depends on the team I’m playing or the mistakes I’m making or not making.

Sunny is strong, but by far the 2 most OP abilities in Evolve right now are:

  1. Refusing to change your tactics
  2. Complaining about it on the forums.

in before the sunny nerf :smirk: