Sunny is the only character whose model not fit the voice/personality


Every other character, their personality and the way lines are voiced, it feel right. Something about Sunny though, just feels really off, for lack of better words. Am I crazy, or does anyone else feel like there is a significant mismatch here?

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I am almost positive you are crazy.


Yeah, you’re out of your mind bro. Sunny’s character design, everything from her kit to her look to her dialogue is spot on. And awesome I might add.



Originally, I thought this too. But now, I have to say her voice fits.


I have to disagree as well. I think she’s very well done and voice to match

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But… I love her voice! :heart:


I love the voice too, just doesn’t seem like it fits with the model. Apparently however, I am in fact a sausage (and crazy).


This is my doing!

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“I am… crazy.”


“But… I lover her…”
Im telling Bucket.


Were you expecting a Reggae Shark voice?
Because I was expecting a Reggae Shark voice.


I dont mind sunny’s voice at the moment.


Lol i love her voice and personality but i kinda agree with you sometime i think it doesn’t fit


Maybe he was expecting this?


Sunny’s voice was always kinda annoying to me but I think it does fit her.


Sunny is pretty spot on. Too spot on I might add. She loses cool points for her tattoos. Never been a fan of them on anybody.


You’re not the first person to call out Sunny’s voice as being different than they imagined it.

I think the reason it feels off to some people is the same reason we liked it. She doesn’t sound like a Generic Girl, she has a distinct and memorable voice.


I think her voice acting is the weakest out of all the characters. Her voice is distinct, but annoying.


I’d say it feels distinctive. I felt like it reminded me of Cree Summer at first, but then, well, I could just be reminded of her because Sunny is black.
Still, they’ve both got some… twanginess? I think that’s the word… to their voices. So maybe there’s something to that.