Sunny. I thought


TL;DR I think Sunny’s jetpack boost skill should have been AoE like cloak, what do you think?

I thought Sunny’s jet pack boost thing was an AoE skill she could use, one that would work in a similar effect that Support’s invis works.

What does everyone think about that?

I mean, doesn’t make sense that Support is left behind, AGAIN (in reference to bucket when he uses UAV) because they use their support abilities to help the team.


me too but i like it how it is


Not being AoE means it has more tactical application. As you say, you can’t just boost everyone forever because you’ll just get left behind, so it’s usage is clearly to get individuals into position quicker, or to help them in a fight. Support helps the team, this doesn’t mean helping themselves.


I thought it was going to be an aoe too, I actually preferred it to be that way


it makes it as a utility to help your teammates and feel accomplished because you saved their lives and not just gave a little boost


Personally, I thought it should be AoE. It would make for a better application… it wouldn’t have to last as long as invis, I think that would make things balanced.

(Hell, what do I know about balance. I’m just a gamer)


I thought the same thing but seeing what it does now would give sunny the ultimate generator cheese strat, cloak hyper jetpacking. Besides the beam is better because you dint have to put your self in arms way like Caira to use it in combat and also it can have more uses as a beam. " Val come to me for cloak."


Imo it’s more versatile as is…say a hunter is getting focused on by a monster, do you really want to HAVE to get your nose in there just to help them get out? Not only are you now at risk (potentially erasing your ability support the rest of the team) the Hunter you’re trying to save loses the boost if you get seperated.

Itd be pretty cheesy to have jet pack boost AND cloak to get away from Monsters…pretty sure no other Hunter has 2 abilities for that. Plus it’d just be “oh hey its Caira’s ability…for jetpacks”


if it was AOE it would be way too similar to caira’s speed boost. for the sake of redundancy, and also tactical stuff.


Yeah, it does sound better but maybe it was to much. I think the beam will help but I can see it being neglected, not really that big of a help.



Alright. Now I see. Makes it much clearer